Life & Blogging Goals of 2016: In Review

Another year is on the horizon, and it’s hard not to use the old ‘where has the year gone’ cliches.  This year is one that has been notorious for it’s cruelty, with social media bursting with ‘worst year ever’ memes.  However, has it really been so bad?  On a personal level, it’s time to take stock and celebrate all the little achievements this year. Personally I moved to London and got a flat with my boyfriend, two big things that have changed my life for the better, but how did I do with my other goals? Let’s take a look:

Make Friends- This was a big one for me as I was moving to London and starting again, and if I’m honest I don’t think I did a great job.  Yelp was a huge help for me at the start of the year, but now it’s disbanded I’m feeling alone again, and a lot of the friends I had made haven’t kept in touch.  Hopefully if I work on it I can gain some close friends this year.

Work Hard- I have but as always I could do better 2017.  Both in my personal and work life. Learning to code is a big one for me to help with my day job.

Make the Most Out of Being in London- I honestly feel like I really did this for most of the year, then around September I got a bit lax.  I think this was partially due to me saving money for the traveling I did at the end of the year, and partially because I just got out of the loop. In fact I have a new vlogging series starting based on seeing more of London, more on this soon!

Be healthier- This started off well but realistically, it’s failed. I feel more unhealthy then ever and I’ve put a lot of weight on.  This NEEDS to change in the new year!

See more live Music/ Theatre- Theatre wise this has probably been my biggest success. I’ve seen loads this year, at least two shows a month and a fair few gigs too!  Money permitting I’d like to see more gigs in the new year.

Blog Goals:
Live Outside my Blog- This is hard to quantify but I think on the whole this came true this year.  Finding a work/life balance isn’t easy and I think working with companies less and concentrating more on what I want to write has helped cut out some of the stress so I can enjoy life.  However, not working is something I still really struggle with, so I need to learn to just let myself relax.

Give my Blog a Makeover- This has been done although it’ not finished, it will probably always be a work in progress.

Improve my Instagram Photography- I don’t even know what my Instagram follower number was last year as it was so bad I never recorded it. I think I have improved my images this year and it’s really helped push my Instagram on.  I can still improve as always but it’s great to be able to actually see a change.  I said if I passed 1000 followers I’d be happy, and I’m currently at 1381 so a success!

Be More Social on Social Media- Well I still never find the time to join in official chats but I do enjoy just talking on social media more then ever, especially twitter. I love the community there!  I stated that if I managed to hit 2500 I’d be really happy and I’m currently at 3257 so I’m over the moon really! However, it’s about people not numbers, and that’s why I enjoy using twitter so much.

Carry on Blogging and Have fun with it!- I have and I do!  Changing my focus slightly and realising what about blogging I enjoy has really helped towards this, and it will be an ongoing challenge.  

So there you have it, a mixed year but that’s life!  What are you most proud of for achieving this year?


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