Moments: November 2016

Gosh is it really that time of year already!  I know it’s a cliche but my god does this year seem to have gone fast, so much has happened!  I’ve enjoyed having this monthly diary to share with you guys and remind myself of what I’ve been up to every month.  However, I feel like it needs a shake up in the new year.  If anyone has any ideas on how to do that I’d love to hear them!  Here’s to November:

I’ve Visited

New York!
I booked this in March as a gift for Harry’s 30th birthday so we’ve had a long build up!  Much like I said with Florida, there is simply too much to sum up easily here so expect many posts over the next year with reviews, tips and sights.  We did all the usual touristy stuff and got to spend Thanksgiving there too, it’s a wonderful city!
The Natural History Museum
The Kensington area of London contains a lot of world class museums that also happen to be free.  Because of this, it seems to be my go-to place to visit with friends from out of London when we just want somewhere to hang out.  The Natural History Museum is a favourite of mine, it’s my third time seeing the dino’s this year. it also was the first place in London I saw with its Icerink set up for Christmas.
The Science Museum
The science museum is one of the other museums in this same area, so I also came here with a friend this month. The museum is ok but it’s not one of my favourites.  
Harry’s Nan lives here in this beautiful part of the country.  It’s only my second time visiting but it’s beautiful here, I’d love to get out and explore the area more next time if the weather is good.  

I’ve Read

The Wolf Wilder by Katherine Rundell
This is a booked I picked up from work and read at the start of the month.  A children’s book but the mysterious world and characters make it suitable for adults too.  I really enjoyed the cold harsh environment and the connection with the animals that seems almost magical.
High Fidelity by Nick Hornby
A book I chose purely because of the cover while knowing nothing about it, luckily I really enjoyed it.  The book is essentially that of a middle-aged man going through a breakup and a midlife crisis.  The lead character is so lovable, relatable and enjoyable to read you can’t help but root for him. A really joy to read.
Top 10 New York City 2016
As I was heading over to NYC this month we of course got chance to finish this book.  As an overview this could not be better!  It gave us such a good starting point of places to visit based on area and interests, I’d really recommend it to anyone starting to plan an NYC getaway.
Wetlands by Charlotte Roche
Well, what to say about this.  It is a controversial book to say the least, and it was one that was recommended to me by a friend several years ago.  I am pretty open minded when it comes to mine and other’s bodies, but this actually made me feel sick!  It’s shocking and crazy and I want everyone to read it just so I can talk to someone about it.

I’ve seen

Half a Sixpence, Noel Coward Theatre
This classical musical I saw for the first time on Netflix this year.  It is one of those examples where you don’t think you know the songs until you watch it and realise there are so many classics in there!  Seeing it live was plenty of fun, the lead has so much energy it was unreal!  A great, light-hearted show.
Fireworks at Alexandra Palace for bonfire night and Day of the Dead parade
Bonfire night is one of my favourite nights of the year, it reminds me of cosiness, bonfire toffee, hanging with friends and family and it means Christmas is just around the corner.  This year not only was I in London for the first time, but I had my parents and a few friends over, so we all headed to Alexandra Palace to see the fireworks.  It was busy, but the fireworks were beautiful, and the added Day of the Dead parade added a great atmosphere to the night.
Trainspotting at The Vaults
If you have seen my Trainspotting post or vlog you will have seen my thoughts on this one. A wild, fun show!
Dave’s band
My friend Dave’s band played at a pub in London, I had a good time checking them out and the other bands on.  I need to see more live music.
Putting Words in Your Mouth, Roundhouse
This performance has changed my life.  I haven’t stopped thinking about it since.  It’s a recording of three gay men who are members of UKIP, talking about their lives and what lead them to their beliefs, being mimed by three male actors of colour.  It isn’t what you think it will be by this description either.  It opened up thoughts about the world and myself that I never knew existed, it kind of tore me apart to be honest.  

I’ve been up to

Hanging with friends
I’m feeling sort of lonely and friendless down here at the moment, so it’s kind of strange to think I have actually hung out with quite a few of my northern friends who’ve been nice enough to come and visit me this month.
Showing my parents around Balham
They finally came to see my flat and my little area of London.
Hanging with Harry’s family
A few times this month we’ve had the opportunity to see each other and hang out which has been really nice.
Decorating for Halloween
Trick or treaters did not come to my third floor flat, but that didn’t stop me enjoying the night!  I loved having the flat decorated for Halloween, it felt so cosy!
Youtube channel re-launch
A long, long time ago before I blogged tried booktubing.  I failed, however recently I’ve decided to give it another shot!  I’ve reopened my channel, my first video is live, and I have a few more just waiting to be edited!

I’ve eaten

This is one of the things I really wanted to try in NYC and a quick look on Yelp made me find a really high rated place really close to our hotel, and OMG it was so good!  A whole post on NYC food will be coming up!
Thanksgiving dinner
My first and possibly only Thanksgiving dinner, right in NYC.  It was a bit of a poshed up version but it was seriously tasty, I’d happily have what basically seems like a second Christmas dinner every year.
Meat liquor
You guys know my addiction with this place by now so when my friends came to visit I had to take them here.
Magnolia bakery
A New York staple!  I went for the key lime pie cheesecake over the usual banana pudding though, and boy was it good.
NYC Diner

I went to a NYC diner one morning and had a stack of pancakes with bacon and syrup, delicious!

So there you have it, on to December and Christmas!

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