Tis the Season to Do Battle: A Day Out Paintballing in London

Big Ben, Tower Bridge, Buckingham Palace, endless shopping streets — London has it all. But why not spend your time doing something a bit more unique?
For many people, a day out in the UK’s capital will consist of exploring the many different sights there are to see and spending some well-earned cash in the variety of shops. While this type of day is very popular, others may want to opt for some out-of-the-box thinking and spend their time doing something more exciting…  
…And it doesn’t get much more exciting than an adrenaline-fuelled day of paintballing in London.
Never Been Paintballing Before? Not to Worry
If you’ve never tried paintballing before, you’re bound to be a little bit nervous before you step out onto the battlefield. You’ll take your baby steps, fire a few shots at a nearby tree for some practice, and soon you’ll get to grips with how paintball works.
After your initial burst of child-like adrenaline and nerves have worn off, you’ll soon realise that you don’t have to be a fully-fledged veteran to enjoy a game of paintball. Sure, you’re bound to feel the inevitable sting of a paintball at some point, but this simply gives you all the more reason to go into stealth mode.
One of the most engaging things about paintball is that you can play the sport in whatever style suits you best. If you prefer an all-out attack approach, go ahead. Want to sit back a snipe from a distance? Find a nice spot and cause havoc from afar. Or you can adopt the ‘spray and pray’ approach; by firing so many shots you’re bound to hit something, right?
A Change of Pace
It’s safe to say that paintball offers you an entirely different experience to that of most other activities and sports. And not just because you’ll be wielding a paintball gun with the intention of shooting your closest chums.
Paintballing is also an excellent way to blow off some steam, putting you in an environment and scenarios where you can just enjoy yourself and let loose. Forget about work or any of life’s stresses and embrace your inner commando!
Rally the Troops
While there’s always the option to go lone wolf and join in with a bunch of strangers, getting a group of family and friends will always be more entertaining. You can even invite younger siblings or relatives to take part, as paintball companies cater for all ages with the use of low-power paintball guns.
Another brilliant idea is to convince your employer to have paintballing as this year’s Christmas do. Not only does this give you and your colleagues a chance to bond, but it provides you with the perfect (and rare) opportunity to hunt down your boss with a paintball gun. All that overtime will seem so, so worth it for that.
Burn Off Those Christmas Calories
The festive season is upon us! At this time of year, everyone is guilty of overindulging, whether it’s one (or ten) too many mince pies or those extra glasses of mulled wine you couldn’t resist.
Anyone who has experienced it will be able to tell you that paintballing is quite the workout — a full body workout, in fact. Running, jumping, climbing, the irresistible urge to throw in a forward roll, and carrying around a weighty gun all day will all take its toll.
Luckily, the adrenaline of doing so will leave you unaware of how active you’re actually being. While you’re busy trying to win games and avoid being shot, you’ll be well on your way to burning off those Christmas calories.
A day of paintballing probably wasn’t on your to-do list this Christmas, but it definitely should be. While most people will be settling into their annual routine, you’ll be throwing an awesome spanner in the works by organising a day of paintballing in London this Christmas.

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