Vintage Inspired frames (and 50% off Discount Code!)

Glasses have become increasingly fashionable over the last few years, and now that you can get them online, it’s often cheaper too.  In fact, for probably the last 5 years or so, since I started wearing my glasses more regularly, I have only ever got my eyeglasses online.
This is how it normally goes; I go to the high street for an eye test (I usually go to a local place rather than a big company as it’s only around £5), I then take my prescription and hunt online for the style I like.  The truth is it’s so much cheaper online and the options seem almost endless, so when contacted me to see if I wanted to grab a new pair from their site, I had plenty of options to choose from.  They sell a whole range of prescription sunglasses and glasses in many styles, choosing which pair was difficult!  If you struggle with the amount of choice too, the website allows you to upload a picture of yourself and it will place the glasses on your photo to give you an idea of whether they will suit you. There’s even a live chat function if you have any questions while you are browsing.
Now I already have another pair of vintage style glasses that I use for work you might recognise from my Yelp 50’s party post, so this time I wanted a larger pair for when I’m at home. If I’m wearing my glasses at home it’s normally because I’m working on my blog or playing PlayStation. so I wanted something larger and comfortable, but I still wanted to keep the vintage feel.
After much debate I chose these Clifford Wayfarer glasses. At $49.95 they were a real steal, and I love the large frames and tortoiseshell colouring. They remind me of the style you see parents wearing in the 50’s.  

Once you’ve chosen your style, just fill in your prescription and you are away, they will deliver them right to your door!  If you want to get your own pair of glasses I have a special code just for you guys!  Just enter GSHOT50 on the site for an incredible 50% off and free lenses on both glasses and sunglasses (sale frames excluded).

Where do you get your glasses from?


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