6 Places in the UK I Must Visit

Sometimes while we are planning get aways to exotic locations and european city’s it’s easy to forget the beautiful places we have right here in the UK.  My resent trip to Edinburgh has sparked my desire to get out and visit some of what we Brit’s have to offer, so here’s a little list of a few places that I want to see as soon as I can!

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I have been to Liverpool only once, and it was a swinging visit to see a band in my teens, so I saw nothing of the city itself.  I know embarrassingly little about the city but I know it has beautiful scenery and a rich history so I think it would be right up my street. I am actually heading to Liverpool in a few months for a birthday party so I am going to try and stay an extra day and do some sight seeing.

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Bath has been on my radar for a long while, I actually wanted to go there for mine and Harry’s anniversary a couple of years ago but it never happened.  It’s an absolutely stunning, historic city with so much to see I think I could spend a whole week there! However from my research it looks like it’s also an expensive one, so this one might require some saving!

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This trip to Edinburgh was only my second ever visit to Scotland, and both times have been to Edinburgh.  Glasgow isn’t a city I know a great deal about, but it seems like the next logical place in my Scotland adventuring!


I am ashamed to say that my history with Wales is as bad as it is with Scotland. I have been to Wales twice, and both were to Cardiff but I only got as far as the football ground, as both times it was for cup matches. The little I saw of the city has left me wanting to explore further.

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This is a place I was hoping to get to this Summer then never got chance to.  It’s so close to London, especially by train, that it seems madness that I haven’t been yet, and everyone whose been says I’ll love it. it’s got an open minded air and a quirky atmosphere that sounds like a dream to me.  More then one person have told me I’ll want to move their once I visit!

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Bristol is one of those places that always comes on the top of those ‘Best places to live in the UK’ lists and with it’s mixture of modern, trendy bars and beautiful docs it reminds me somewhat of Lincoln where I lived for years.

So that’s my quick run down, in reality of course there’s loads more. I really need to explore more of South England for instance, but I know so little about it being a Northerner.  Got any recommendations? let me know!


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