A Taste of Japan at the Jamie Oliver Cookery School

Let’s be real, I can’t cook and I don’t enjoy cooking, so jumping right into a Japanese cooking class might seem a little crazy right?  Well I figured if there was anywhere to learn, Jamie Oliver’s Cooking School was the place to be!
I choose this Taste of Japan class as it involved one of my favourite cooking styles without going near fish, which is great for me!  It’s also something I’ve never attempted at home, so I was learning from scratch.  Thankfully this is suitable for all abilities, and the chef was very patient.
Working in pairs under the instruction of the chef (whose name I have totally forgotten, I am the worst with names!) we made the following: Pork Gyoza, Green Vegetable and Brown Rice Stir Fry, Chicken Teriyaki, Gomadare Sauce and Miso Dofu.  I brought a friend, Gemma, along and working in a pair definitely helped as we balanced the multitasking of creating the dishes.  I am the kind of person who likes one pot cooking usually so I don’t have to worry about doing more then one thing at once, thankfully the chef split the lesson up into sections so we didn’t get overwhelmed. He did a great job and explaining to us the different techniques and timings in a way that didn’t leave me feeling panicked like I often do in the kitchen!  Some of the meal is part-made or prepared by the staff before we arrived, so that helps keep the whole lesson to under two hours.
On arrival we were given a drink or prosecco to loosen up our nerves, but the friendly and humorous staff soon puts or mind to rest and are more then happy to help everyone out as needed.  The atmosphere was relaxed, humorous and warm, a great informal ambiance for learning a new skill.
Afterwards we all ate our meal together and everyone came away with something really tasty, and not badly presented too!  There was more than enough for  a very filling meal and I really enjoyed everything I’ve made, which isn’t something I can often say after I’ve been in the kitchen!
This class really has helped build my kitchen confidence and make me want to try new things.  After the meal, the recipes for everything we made were sent over to us so we can practice at home.

I was invited to try a cooking class here in exchange for a honest review, if you want to book your own class just head to http://www.jamieolivercookeryschool.com/ and you can find them on facebook and twitter. The price of the two hour Taste of japan class is £65, or £60 each if booking as a pair.  This includes all ingredients and a glass of prosecco.

Have you ever attended a cooking class?


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