Goals: Life & Blogging in 2017

I always have mixed feelings on these kind of posts, we all know by now that New Year’s resolutions can often be more harmful than good, but goals can also be really motivating.  For myself, I know there are certain things it isn’t good to restrict myself on, but it’s nice to have something to check up on and and be able to say ‘hey, I actually achieved that’ or ‘I took a step to make that better for myself’.  There are always some we won’t manage and that’s ok, we can aim for the stars and hopefully some of them will be a success, even if it’s just a few!  

Lifestyle wise, I have a lot of grand plans as always, and not stressing myself out can be hard.  Here are a few things I’d like to focus on in 2017:


Do More Traveling

It’s kind of crazy now to think that just a year and a half ago I hadn’t left the country in years!  2016 will be the year I fell in love with travel, I’m getting braver with my plans and slowly branching out.  I’ve already booked a solo trip to Edinburgh this month and flights to Krakow in May so plans are already underway.

Read less

I know this sounds like a strange one but hear me out.  I love reading, and I read whenever I can.  However, as I’ve filled my social hours with working on my blog and now Youtube, I struggle to fit it in at times. Then hitting my Goodreads goal becomes a chore.  I don’t want this, I want to be able to put my book down on the tube and play on my phone or my new Nintendo DS more without feeling guilty.  I’m going to drop my reading goal from 40 to 30 this year and try and not worry about it.

Relax more

This goes along with the above issue, I sometimes struggle to switch my brain off.  I have a list of home, blog and youtube projects that needs doing and I often think I will do something fun as a reward after they are done. The problem is they never are!  Usually, my ultimate relaxation and switch off time is playing Fallout 4, however I can go months without ‘finding the time’ because I won’t let myself have it.  I need to let myself put my laptop down and finish the cross stitch I’ve been working on for 8 months or the jigsaw I’ve had for over a year.  I need to learn to stop being such a slave driver to myself!

Stop having negative people in my life.

I’ve always prided myself on the fact that I will give people a second or 3rd chance but there are people in life who just make you feel bad instead of good.  This year I need to be stronger with myself and step away from the people who make me feel this way.I need to be brave enough to express myself without fear and surround myself with positive, supportive people.

More self care

never look after myself because I am too busy working on something (there’s a theme here) but I should. This is the reason I never stick to a skincare routine, do my hair and only painted my nails once last year.  I need to find time for me.
Blog more for myself and less for companies
I think this is something I started to do last year and it made me fall in love with blogging again, I will not be a walking advertisement, filled with reviews.  I want to have the time to write about whatever I want.

Continue living London life to its fullest

I did so much in the first half of the year, and in the second I feel like it just stopped.  I don’t know if it’s because I just got settled and lazy or my lack of funds due to traveling but I stopped searching out all the great in this city.

Be more proactive

I need to stop procrastinating and wasting the little time I have and stressing myself out.  If I get on with things I will have more time to relax at the end of the day.

Be healthy

I have got so unhealthy this year, constantly eating bad food and moving far too little. I don’t want to be out of breath and uncomfortable anymore!  I need to move my ass and cook better and stop being so damn lazy!

Learn to Budget

At 28 I really should have got this down but I have not, living in London isn’t cheap and I am terrible at wasting money on things like lunches because I forget to take anything to work.  The money I could save could go towards my traveling!


Have a real go at Youtube

I don’t really know why I have fallen into making Youtube videos suddenly but I am currently really enjoying it!  I have about six videos sitting waiting to be edited and a crazy Youtube series I want to have a go at creating so hopefully I can have a real go at pushing content there this year. Currently I have 164 subscribers but I don’t really have a growth aim.

Continue to improve my photography and writing style

My writing style and photography both improved this year, with my writing I felt like something finally clicked with my written voice, but it still need work.


So we are onto the numbers!  As of writing this I currently have 3331 twitter followers, in an ideal world I’d love to hit 4500 or maybe even 5000. I want to do it by just using it like I do now, for fun and chat and not forced.


I worked hard to improve my Instagram this year and it’s been a slog.  I want to improve my images and editing further and try and hit 2k from my current 1457.

So that’s some of my plans for the year, of course they can, and no doubt will, change.  What are your aims for this year?


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