London 361: January

This year you might have seen in my Goals of 2017 post that I wanted to see more of London again.  My passion for the city is very much still there but I was finding more excuses to hibernate at home.  Because of this I decided to challenge myself to something I called London 361:

London 361, as you will see in the above video, is all based around one book.  I picked up London: The Weekend Starts Here and was determined to try and do as many of the things mentioned in the book within one year as possible.  I called it London 361 as there are 361 places to explore in the book.  I’m hoping it will take me to parts of London I’ve never seen, and discover hidden gems within this amazing and varied city.  I won’t be able to do them all, next week for example I am away when there is an event on that only happens once a year, but I’m going to do as much as possible and take you with me.  
My first video took me to London’s oldest church, the St Pancras Old Church which is gorgeous and a really interesting place with lot’s of unique aspects.  There is a tree, as you will see in the video, that is wrapped around 100’s of graves.  That is because they moved these graves when building St Pancras Station down the road and the tree grew around them.  I’ve never seen anything like it.
We also hit up The British Library and the Wellcome Collection, both of which I have visited before.  The British Museum is always a hit, some incredible artifacts you can only see here, whereas The Wellcome Collection I am not so much a fan of, it’s a strange mixture of medicine and art.  There regular exhibitions don’t interest me, however I do think that there art exhibitions are really interesting, and change fairly frequently.
So, what do you think?  This is kind of trial and error at the moment so Id love some feedback.  If you want to subscribe to my Youtube channel you can do so here and I’ll give a roundup of my London 361 videos here every month.
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