Barburrito, Paddington Station

London is famous for its worldly cuisines. You can go to any part of the city and expect to find anything from Japanese, to Lebanese and countless more.  Yet often when I am rushing for a train I find myself grabbing yet another Pret sandwich, it’s familiarity and speed wins out against my culinary frustrations.  However, I recently got invited to the opening of Barburrito in Paddington Station, which might just put a change to all that.
I arrived at the new restaurant with my friend and Burrito-aficionado Dave in toe.  The new restaurant has an up-market fast food feel, with plenty of space to sit and eat if you’d prefer, but it’s just as easy to grab and go.  It is light with modern decor that helps you leave the rush of the station behind, without being formal. The burrito creation works in a similar way as it would if you were getting a sandwich in a Subway, you go down the line choosing what you want inside. You are totally in control of creating your perfect combo.  
We were seated and surrounded by tasty nibbles almost immediately after arriving.  All the Burrito fillings were presented for us to try, with nachos for dipping of course!  We spent a good amount of time trying them all out, Dave’s favourite of the meat options was the spicy shredded beef, whereas I was really impressed by the tenderness of the grilled steak.  One thing we both unexpectedly fell in love with was the BBQ beans, neither of us are usually hardcore bean fans, and yet we were fighting over our sample of them with relish.  They were delicious, with a slightly sweet, tangy taste.  
Soon it was our time to step up to the hot-plate and get creating!  We went up in groups of four so we could be personally guided through our burrito masterclass.  I was really impressed by how seriously they took their health and safety, even in a relaxed event like this was when we were only making food for ourselves.  We whizzed down the counter, filling our burritos heartily, to the point where mine could barely close!
The result?  Well mine was truly delicious, in fact I have to say it is the best Mexican I have tried so far in London.  The meat was tender, the vegetables were fresh and the abundance of chillies and hot salsa I had added created a good heat (I love spicy food), while the beans brought it all together.

This is my first time at a Barburrito but I will be back, what’s the best burrito you’ve ever had?  

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