Rocking Out at the Hard Rock Fashion Show

Another London Fashion Week has come and gone and it’s another one I choose to miss out on.  Don’t get me wrong, I totally get why some people are into it but it’s not usually for me.  My fashion tastes tend to be stuck in the 50’s or at metal gig so I don’t really see anything for me in most of these events, so when I was asked to attend a fashion show for Hard Rock I knew it would be something different.  My love of alternative fashion has been a big part of my life since I was a young teenager and it has formed a large part of my self discovery process.  I knew Hard Rock’s collections would have something to my taste.

We arrived and headed to the VIP area where we were offered some tasty mini bites and wine to ease us into the evening.  I had brought a friend along a a plus one as we had a great time relaxing and catching up before the show began.  Hard Rock has four spaces within the same area and this was a new one to me. If you have visited before you will more than likely have seen the restaurant at the front and the gift shop next door, complete with The Vaults where some seriously impressive music memorabilia is held (they do free tours of it every 15 minutes or so it’s worth a trip down if you are around).  There’s also The Backroom Bar which I visited during the Pixie Lott T-Shirt launch, however this event was held in an area I’ve not seen before.  Around the back of the restaurant is a separate entrance which took us to where the event was staged, a gorgeous underground area with a bar and stage, perfect for parties and performances.  It was also home to some fantastic memorabilia including some of Sid Vicious’s famous ensembles.
Once we were settled we took our drinks and headed to the FROW to see the first collection.  They were being modelled by people who had been chosen as the ambassadors for Hard Rock Cafe in 2017, who all brought their personality to their performances and did a great job selling the pieces.

This collection brings together some of Hard Rocks most iconic pieces to see us through the rest of the Winter season.  

This Is My Runway

With a more fashion forward edge This Is My Runway shows how you can wear fashion with a real age at Hard Rock.
Hard Rock brings us some some real fun and colourful outfits for the summer months, emphasising playfulness and parties.
Signature Collection
Finally the Signature Collection Shows Mr Worldwide aka Pitbull’s new line of t-shirts, with a Miami Vice vibe.

Further into the night we stayed for a couple more cocktails as we listened to the great musical acts who played the night away.
A couple of days later and I was back to check out the special Chilli Week menu, I had brought along a different friend and we both tucked into special chilli burgers, chilli chocolate cake and a chilli apple cocktail.  Our taste buds were fired up and we really enjoyed the meal in the famous Hard Rock setting!

Have you ever been to a Hard Rock Cafe?


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