Reading Wrap Up: January to March

My first ever post written here almost four years ago was a review of Terry Pratchett’s The Light Fantastic, and ever since then books have been an important part of my blog.  Over the years I have made slight amendments to the way I have shared my passion for reading wit you guys, sometimes for every 5 books I’d do a summery, last year I tried a monthly round up but this year I decided to try something totally new and switch my wrap ups to my Youtube channel.

Now don’t get me wrong I am never going to be a “Youtuber” but over the last few months I’ve realised that there are some things that work better visually rather than just in text form, and it’s allowed me to add visual elements to my travel posts such as in my New York and Edinburgh posts.

So I thought for a year I‘d try and td my monthly round ups as videos rather then text explanations, then every three months I’d share them here.  So here’s what i’ve read so far this year:


January was a productive month for me, both blog and book wise. I had a good run with YA for the first time in ages and really enjoyed every book I picked up.
Fave: It’s a close call but Butter really stuck with me. We Come Apart is beautiful too.
Fail: None, I loved them all.


February was a hard month for me, I took a real hit to my mental health that has left me unwilling to read or do much, but I still got a few books in.
Fave: Gone Girl
Fail: The Burning Ground
March was recovery, slowly I started feeling better and got reading.
Fave:It’s a close one between Shoot the Damn dog and His Bloody Project
Fail: Metallica

So that’s everything I’ve read in the last three months, what are your favourite books so far this year?  Have you read any of the ones I have?  Let me know!

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