Why I’m giving audiobooks another try

I loved audiobooks as a kid but never carried on listening to as an adult.  I’m not sure why, I just had it in my head that ‘I don’t take books in properly this way‘, and while this is true for some books, I have started to realise that I can’t claim this about all audio books as I haven’t really given them a chance.  I have vivid memories of listening to Sophie’s Snail on holiday as a child and announcing to my parents that I was going to be a ‘lady farmer’ as I listened to it over and over.  Furthermore I work in book publishing so I am keenly aware that audiobooks are the fastest growing book market out there, so there must be something in it right?

For Christmas I bought my boyfriend the audiobook of Nomad by Alan Partridge as I knew he’d enjoy them more it  them from the man’s mouth instead of written down.  I ended up really enjoying listening to it while we drive, it was so funny hearing it voiced by the writer himself and because I was in a situation where I was concentrating already I easily took it in.  

I’d been thinking about getting an Audible subscription but was put off by their one book a month limit when BookBeat reached out to me to see if I wanted to try their services for a year.  They are new to the UK and work much like audible in that you pay monthly, but the big plus is that you can listen to as many books as you want, no cap!  The timing seemed to be so perfect I had to give them a go, here are a few reason’s why I’m going to give audiobooks another chance

It’s a great alternative to podcasts

I have become a podcast fiend ever since I first listened to serial a couple of years ago, now I listen to podcasts almost everyday, usually at work, and it has opened up my world to spoken world much more.  Listening to audiobooks just makes sense as the next place to go with this newfound love.

It works so well for comedy

I never really read comedy books, and never really laugh out loud when I’m reading.  But with audiobooks the performance side of it can really bring out the comedy, especially in a comedic biography if the author is doing the voice acting.

I’d listen to books I would never bother to read

I don’t like reading fantasy, it’s just not for me.  However I would listen to it instead, the same most biographies. It’s not something I would buy and read but as an audiobook I would totally give them a go, which is where BookBeat’s read as many books as you want system works better the Audibles in my opinion, if I don’t like it after a chapter or two I can just pick something else.

I can now read on the go

Have you ever tried reading while walking?  I have, it is not a good idea unless you want to get run over or fall and make a tit out of yourself.  With audiobooks I can listen on the way to the tube, and even on the tube if I download the book in advance, so there are no more wasted moments.

It’s perfect for the lightweight traveler

I am currently writing this on the train on the way back from a solo trip to Glasgow, the backpack I took with me has almost killed me!  I stupidly brought my huge paperback with me when I could really have just used the BookBeats app instead, lesson learned!  I think this would be great if you are flying abroad with hand luggage only where you are really limited, you can have a whole host of audio books ready to go on your phone.  Here’s a fun fact, I never use any of my bags that are too small to fit a paperback in so I’ve stopped buying them, with audio books this is no longer an issue!

A good back up for days when I forget a book

I hate these days! I try to make sure I always have a book with me as you will know from my post on how to hit your reading goals but it does sometimes happen.  At least when this happens now I have my audiobooks to reach for instead.  

So that’s just a couple of reasons why I’m hoping audiobooks might be, do you listen to audiobooks?  What do you like about them? If you are looking at giving them a try use this special link to get one month’s free trial.

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