10 Types of PR Emails Bloggers Receive

Last week I decided to finally have a clear out of my blog email and delete all those irrelevant, odd and sometimes hilarious press releases we all get.  I realised near the end that I should have made a vlog out of it as some of them are so damn funny, and often not intentionally.  I thought I’d share with you the types of PR emails I think all us bloggers have received:

The hilariously bad press release

These are ones where the products are just so funny, ridiculous or impractical you feel bad for the PR person sending out out.  They must know that they are trying to push something ridiculous; make up for your dog, waterproof oven gloves, anti-ageing for your baby, whatever it is they’ve been given the product and they have to push it, no matter how crazy it may be.  PR person, I feel for you in this one.  

The insult you so you take less money

I think every blogger has received one of these at some point.  The email starts well, they want to collab, but they want you cheap so they chuck in an insult to make you feel bad and take their crappy offer.  Something along the lines of “given your low audience readership I can only offer you XX” or “We are working with much bigger bloggers so we only have XX for you”.  Usually they’ve not even asked for your numbers so you just know they are making it up as they go.  If you do these you can be sure I won’t want to work with you, no matter what your offering.  

The serial follow-upper

You get an email, and it’s generic, impersonal or you’re not interested so you don’t think it warrants a response or you’re busy and forget.  The next thing you know you are getting follow up emails every other day ‘did you see my email yesterday, have you had time to think it over, please reply’ etc.  I even get follow ups to follow ups!  Take a hint guys!  

The personal project

These are the people who’ve got something they created themselves, often a self-published book or a bag design they’ve come up with, and they’ve heard in a self marketing class somewhere that working with bloggers is a good, cheap way of getting your stuff promo-ed.  The issue is that they have no idea how to work with bloggers and don’t really know what they want from you, so these usually go nowhere, they just want a plug.  I do feel for these people and try to help them out but it can be so hard to work with people when it’s there ‘baby’.  

The exposure pusher

We have no budget, but we might share on twitter to our 500 followers”.  Bye Felicia!

The “free now, might be paid in the future

This is the sister of the exposure pusher, they want you to do the marketing now for free, and maybe one day if they suddenly find a load of cash and decide to actually give you something in return for a future project.  They have no idea what these projects are, when or if they might happen and you’ve already worked for free so why would they bother?  They need you to cling onto that hope!

The infographic lover

Infographics seem to finally be going out of fashion at the moment but god have I had a ton of them sent to me over the last few years in the hope that I will chuck one up on my blog for no reason, maybe they think we will just be distracted by the colours?  Oh and they are almost always irrelevant to my blog.  Speaking of which…

The irrelevant

You get an email sent to you “dear blogger” so you feel really special, and it’s about something completely irrelevant for you and your blog.  I get children’s toy info sent to me every week, clothes for tall people, products for blonde hair etc, it’s endless.  

The body shamer

The ‘beach body ready’ ‘change your fat ass now’ pr emails usually from people trying to promote some kind of weigh powder, diet drink or tea that makes you shit yourself.  It uses some kind of vague, badly worded insult to make you feel bad about yourself so you try it, I have no time for this.  Next!  

The good guys
The people who’ve actually looked at your blog, know what you write about, want to work with you fairly and are generally just nice people who want to work with you.  These guys are the best.  Good PRs, keep at it!  


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