How I spent a weekend in Glasgow for under £95!

When I wrote my post about How I traveled and stayed in Edinburgh for under £100 I mentioned that I wanted to try and do a similar thing in Glasgow next time a seat sale came around.  Well not only did I do that, but I managed to spend less than £100 the whole weekend including travel, eating and exploring!  Here’s how:


My return from London to Glasgow cost £14 each way, so just £28 for the full return!  Even as I type this I am struggling to believe it, I had to double check.  This is even cheaper then I managed for Edinburgh.  I managed this using the techniques I shared in my How to Get the Best Deals Out from Virgin Seat Sales post to grab this bargain.  

Glasgow is a very walkable city so once I got there I didn’t need to use public transport much, but I did get a return on the subway from my Airbnb to central Glasgow for dinner on the first night as I was exhausted and I kinda just wanted to try it out.  This cost £3.10 for a return and is much cheaper if you have a Smartcard which I didn’t as I was only there for 2 days.   

As I mentioned in my Glasgow Cheap Eats post, I was surprised at the variety, and the price of the food available in Glasgow.  For full details check out that post but everything I ate came in at less than £30, that included two large dinners and a couple of good lunches.


Once again my favourite discovery this year, Airbnb, came to the rescue of a solo traveler and I got a room in a nice flat just the other side of the river for £33 (including a £5 Airbnb fee).  To be honest I could have got somewhere cheaper and in a nicer flat for less but I left it really late to book and when I’m traveling alone I like to stay with a female host, that’s a me thing but it’s what makes me feel safe.  

£0.  Yep I spent exactly £0 on my two days exploring Glasgow!  I spent two full days exploring parks, visiting museums, monuments, cathedrals, graveyards and more and none of it cost me a penny!  There are so many free things to do in Glasgow that I did this without even trying.  

Overall total

Under £95

Honestly, isn’t that amazing!  I really think Glasgow is overlooked as a city break and it has so much to offer.  I’ll definitely be back at some point to explore more.  It’s a gorgeous, trend city with so much to see and do, I loved it.

Have you visited Glasgow?  What did you get up to?  

The Airbnb is an affiliate link I’m sharing because I genuinely love it, you can get £30 off a trip by using my link, enjoy!


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