London Insta Walks: South Kensington

I mentioned in my Spring Mermaid fashion post last week that I had bought a London Walks book for myself and when ever Harry and I have a free day I’ve been grabbing my camera and going off to explore.  I’ve been loving it, it takes me to places in London I’d never normally see and get some great Instagram shots of course!  It’s quickly become one of my favourite things to do and as I can’t do it at the moment after twisting my ankle after one too many vodkas the other weekend I thought I’d share some of the pics with you instead.  The first walk we did was in South Kensington, it’s a stunningly gorgeous area.

Rather then put these in any real sort of order I decoded to let my photo uploader do the choosing.  This sign is just around the corner from Holland Park and shows the way to a very unique, gothic style house that really stands out from the style of everything else in the area as you can probably tell from the sign.  A lot of famous people live, or have lived on this street and I believe a famous artist built this particular house, hence why it stands out.  
I love these little, hidden streets that take you on on to the larger, bigger streets typical of the area.  Plants make all the difference!  
If you are one of those Instagramers that loves doors, South Kensington is a god place to head to.  It has loads of gorgeous dwellings, all with different styles.  
Holland park has some beautiful areas, it’s a mixture of neat, planned gardens and less formal areas to relax.  it’s also full of adorable dogs so it won my heart instantly, I am told they have famous opera performances here every year in front of the beautiful house which makes up the centre of the park.  
Pastel houses and blossoms are the way to my heart!  
I love the look of this building to the right, it stands out from the white houses shown to the left that are more typical of the area.  There’s something about it that looks almost modern and very grand.  
Pink roses and pink flowers make for the perfect garden don’t you think?  
There is something about the typography above the door at this pub that I just really love, and the pastel shades of course.  
Of couldn’t resist the vibes of this old car.  

So there’s just some shots from my works, I had loads more and trust me it was difficult for me to Narrow down.  If you are looking for a nice, easy walk that’s quite quiet and pretty this is defiantly an area to head to.  There’s some amazing bars and very exclusive shops on the main High Street too that are worth a look in even if you just ogle at them from the window like I did.

I hope you liked this post, I’m thinking of making it into a series so let me know what you think?


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