Spring Mermaid Fashion

It has been way too long since I shared a fashion post with you guys.  The cold winter weather never lends itself to me wanting to get outside and shoot. Plus, let’s be honest, I am extra lazy in winter.  I wake up in the dark and chances are I am just reaching out for the closest dress to hand to chuck on before work, so looking stylish isn’t my main priority (is it ever?).

I’ve been having a bit of a clothing crisis recently.  As much as I love my 50’s inspired clothing, my inability to really put any effort into them to make the looks polished (I hardly ever wear makeup and literally just thrown a brush through my hair) has left me feeling frumpy rather than fabulous lately.  I’ve been pulled by an urge to grab all the pastels and bright colours I can find and drag my wardrobe more towards that of a children’s TV presenter then a sophisticated 50’s housewife.  I think a meeting in the middle would be nice, and with this outfit I think it’s starting to head that way.
Primark polka dot sunglasses (old)
Light blue Primark vest
Hell Bunny Shelli Shell chiffon blouse
Primark grey tulle skirt
Black tights

I was taking a walk through Regent’s Park with my London Walks book (one of my current favorite things to do) when we decided to stop off and have this impromptu shoot.  I actually really like this outfit I’d thrown together, and it was gloriously sunny unlike the grey day currently facing me *shakes fist at clouds*.
This is a Primark heavy post, both the tights, vest top, skirt and sunglasses are things I’ve picked up from there over the years.  The sunglasses have seen better days and aren’t the greatest quality, but they just about do the job.  The skirt I love, I bought it for my Disney World trip last year and wore it extensively there.  It wasn’t until I got back that I noticed it’s completely see through!  There I was in bright sunshine, flashing my pants to thousands of children and no one bothered to say anything!  Hence why I now only wear it with black tights, which is a shame as it slightly ruins the light and airy spring look.  
This top is only of my favorites and I don’t wear it enough.  It’s by Hell Bunny and is my dream colour scheme, mint green and pink, the same as almost everything in my house and my car (it’s fair to say i’m a little obsessed).  The shirt is completely sheer, hence the Primark under vest, with gorgeous pink clamshell detailing, pearlescent pink buttons and keyhole design.  It makes me feel like a land mermaid!

Lastly, I know these shoes have appeared in a few posts in the past, they are the £5 wonder shoes that look cute, are comfy and have lasted my years.  Sadly they are no longer available on eBay but if you ever read this Mr eBay man, please bring them back!  I am drying for some in white and black.

So there’s my little toe dip back into fashion blogging, what are you wearing this spring?  


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