Burgers with a twist at BRGR.CO

Don’t you just get a hankering for burgers in the summer time?  I don’t know if it’s the smell of BBQ wafting around but I sure do.  Last week I headed down to try a burger joint that is new to me, BRGR.CO, so I took this opportunity to try and squash my Summer cravings.
London is awash with burger joints, but BRGR.CO has something of a unique selling point, it’s the only Burger joint in London with three different meat blends made from prime cut steak.  The three meat options for meat blends are the blade steak burger made from a blend of blade (bavette) steak and brisket, the hanger steak burger made from prime cuts of hanger (onglet) steak, and lastly the rump steak burger which is made of blended rump and prime rib.
I went for the rump burger as I’d heard it was truly delicious, I chose the stilton and caramelised onion option as I have a real love for strong blue cheese at the moment.  The burger was well formed, juicy and was complemented well by the brioche bun.  It could be cooked exactly how you liked it which I appreciated (medium rare for me) and was cooked exactly as requested.  The meat was well seasoned and flavourful, which can be a deal breaker for me when this isn’t archived.  I went for the side of spicy mac and cheese which was really creamy and perfectly crisp on top, with just enough kick from the spices.  It’s a combo I’d definitely choose again.
My sister is vegan so she went for the falafel burger with homemade herb tahini sauce and added avocado,  which she combined with a side of fries and onion rings.  The burger was plentiful and literally overflowing with fresh toppings, but the falafel was overcooked sadly which took away from the flavour.  The fries were well seasoned and crispy, however sadly the onion rings were far too greasy and lacked any real flavour.  
Onto desert and although there were no options for my vegan sister it sure didn’t stop me!  I went for the apple and banana crumble and although they had sadly ran out of the ice cream accompaniment this was still delicious on it’s own.  Just sweet enough with a crumbly sweet topping and a great balance for the banana and apple filling.  I’m not normally a banana fan but this combination really worked.

You can find BRGR.CO in both Chelsea and Soho, have you ever been tried BRGR.CO?

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