My Five Favourite Places to Listen to Audiobooks

As I’m sure you are aware by now I like to read. In fact when I get into a really big reading mode I get frustrated when I can’t read every second of the day.  I also hate wasted time so anytime I’m on the tube, walking somewhere, or just have any spare time where I am not doing something productive I get frustrated if I can’t read.  At the moment with all traveling I’ve been doing I’ve not been reading as much as usual, you’d think that with the flights etc I’d have plenty of time to reach for my book but I’ve found my brain just isn’t in the right mode.  This is where BookBeat comes in. All the times when I want to read but can’t, I can plug into a book and listen away, and even when I don’t have the energy to read on a long flight I can still chill out and listen instead.  I’ve been using BookBeat for a couple of months now and here are my favourite places to listen to audiobooks on the go.  
On the tube
I love reading on the tube, it’s a great way to gear up my brain on the way to work, or switch it off after.   I’ve been so deep into a book at times that I’ve just completely missed my stop. With rush hour however, having the space to pull out a book isn’t always possible, but I can always be plugged into my phone to listen to an audiobook.
On a plane or train
I usually fly budget so if I’m flying with Ryanair I don’t even have a seat pocket to put my book in and with Easyjet I can’t have a secondary small bag to carry my book in. So unless I want to wrestle it out of my carryon case on the plane it leaves me a bit stuck.  However I can just haven my pocket and be instantly listening to anything I want without having to worry about the bulk.  The same goes with being on a train, I can just plug in while I work away on my laptop or just loose myself in a story.
Doing chores at home
Let me tell you something, I hate housework!  The only thing that gets me through cleaning or any housework is distracting myself with Netflix, but it’s not practical as I move around the house and can be too distracting.  With audiobooks I can play it out loud throughout the flat or walk around with me headphones in and make it much more enjoyable.  
Walking through London
One thing I do a lot more of since I’ve moved to London is walk.  Generally if a place is under an hour away and the weather isn’t crappy I’ll walk it, and even longer if I have the time to spare.  It’s the best way to up my step count and it’s how I find so many hidden gems in London, I love exploring my city.  However if I’m not listening to something I can become aware that I am just alone with my thoughts while walking which can de-motivates me, getting lost in an audio book makes these walks even more enjoyable.  Even Stephen Fry is a fan!  
In the bath
Reading in the bath is one of life’s little luxuries, but whose got their book wet while doing it?  In fact I do it every time, I’ve even completely submerged a book a couple of times!  With audiobooks I can just connect my phone to my wireless speakers and let myself be taken to another world and really relax!
Check out my other post on why i’m giving audiobooks another try, don’t forget you can use this special code to get a month free.  Where’s your favourite place to listen to audiobooks?

I’m writing this honest post about my experience with BookBeat for a years free trial.


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