Fashion: Keeping it Colourful in Bristol

I had grand plans for this photo shoot, with all the amazing street art Bristol is famous for I just had to find somewhere for some amazing, colourful backdrops for this shoot right?  Well, somehow I managed to totally fail.  We’d headed to Bristol for our anniversary and ended up in the funky, colourful part of Bristol in the evening and the day I took this outfit out to shoot we had a gorgeous, if maybe a little muted, walk along the river before heading up to the Clifton Suspension bridge. Not a colourful background in site!  All my own fault for my bad planning of course, so you’ll just have to let me outfit being the colour for this one.

I am all about bright colours lately as I mentioned in my Spring mermaid post, so I just had to share another of my colourful creations with you!  My old emo ways of wearing a pop of colour against black appear to finally be slipping away from me, and although my love of Industrial goth is here to stay the jump from that to this isn’t too far away in reality.  So when the super colourful company Loudmouth reached out to ask if I wanted to try one of their skirts it seemed like perfect timing.
My new found love of all things vibrant and my 50’s aesthetic doesn’t always go hand in hand, but this time it did. While the cut might not be 50’s inspired, the print I chose totally is.  This 8 track print is typical of the funky, youthfulness of this era, it’s one you will have seen everywhere if your in the vintage scene. I adore the colour scheme also so I just had to go for this one.  Loudmouth primarily make loud, funky, brightly coloured clothes for sports events, think crazy golf trousers! However they have such a wide variety of patterns and styles you can grab clothing for anything you want as log as your not colour shy. The clothes are a really high quality which is unusual for clothing that is just used for parties, which is why I think this can be used for so much more. This skirt was made to measure, out of high quality materials that is really hard wearing.
One thing I really love about this skirt is its practicality.  Not only does it have actually real pockets (praise the lord!) but it has concealed shorts inside.  Yes, this skirt is actually a skort, but it’s not like the wrap around version we all wore in the 90’s.  This time you really can’t tell at all that this is anything other than a mini skirt, and the shorts part is made of a light, white cotton lining making it breathable and comfortable. This is a big help to those like me with wide thighs, combatting chub rub is a must on a hot day!  Plus the whole skirt is made of a material that contains elastic so it’s comfortable even after my second burger of the day. I love dazzling the streets in my kindergarten colours!
Now you know accessorizing ain’t my strong point, and I kept this simple by pairing it with a plain white Primark vest top.  Elsewhere however I let my imagination go a bit wild.  The real highlight here is this mint green jacket!  Months ago I saw someone at a blog event in one and after some hunting online found this from Forever 21. It’s not a place I’d normally shop in but I was really impressed by what they had in store and this jacket was only £18.99 if I remember correctly.  I love everything about it, it’s perfect for finishing an outfit, warm enough and has really good sized pockets, I don’t know why I‘ve not owned jackets before!  It also meant I could jump on the current pin trend.  I used one of my favourite vintage wooden milkshake pins on one side, and the more on trend enamel pins on the other.  Currently, I have my rainbow Mickey from Disney World, my Funeral for a Friend and my Star Wars Join the Resistance pin also from Disney World on there, but I’m sure I’ll change them up from time to time.  
As I was going a lot of walking I kept it casual with frilly socks and floral Vans I picked up from TK Maxx before my Disney World trip which I’ve been living in this summer!  I kept the child-like fun with this pink and blue choker adding a definite 90’s feel, and topping it off with this glittery watermelon headband, both from Primark. I’m loving watermelon accessories this summer!  The jelly bag from Sun Jellies is actually something I’ve had my eye on for a long time and was lucky enough to receive as a gift for my birthday. You can’t hold anything too heavy in it as the plastic is a bit uncomfortable and of course you have to be careful because of the hole pattern but I just love it! It’s fun, cute and large enough to carry my essentials. I just love the light-hearted fun of this look, even if I am only a few months away from the big 3-0!


What do you think of this look?  Fun and youthful or just immature?

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