My Top 10 Must Have Apps

Raise your hand if you couldn’t live without your phone?  I’m certainly with you if can’t, I use it entertain me, to keep me up to date with friends, to inform me about the world and so much more.  For those of us in the blog community your phone feels especially essential, almost as if it’s your right hand.

Carphone Warehouse have produced the App Map of Great Britain showing the most used apps not just across the whole of Britain, but my region too, and it makes for some fascinating reading.  It goes beyond the obvious ones like Facebook and Twitter and shows some of the less obvious apps too that we enjoy, it’s an interesting place to explore.  Inspired by this I thought I’d share with you the apps I find myself clicking on every day:


I was given a Fitbit as a birthday gift just over a year ago and I have to say I love it.  I can track my food and drink when I’m on the mood to do that, but the best part is how much it gets my butt moving when challenging friends!  There’s something so satisfying and a little devious about scheduling a weekend or weekday step challenge when you know you’re gonna be on your feet that weekend kicking butt, I didn’t realise I was competitive until I got this app.  I’ve got quite a network of blogger friends
on there too so it’s fun to challenge each other.  


This little app came into my life sometime last year and although I don’t actually open it every day, I don’t know how I lived without it.  Essentially I set it up and haven’t needed to touch it since, yet it does so much for me.  Basically it creates macros for your social media accounts and does things so you don’t have to.  It’s a piece of software that sits in your phone and goes ‘if X happens, then do X’.  To give you an example, one I use is ‘if I post to Instagram, post the image to twitter as a native image’.  That’s how I get my Instagram images to show in my twitter feed without it being just a link, and it does it all for me automatically.  There’s tons of possibilities with this app, you can create your own or use one of the ones already programmed in, it’s a big help and a huge time saver.  


I discovered this app last spring and it’s made the biggest difference to my Instagram account.  I use this to edit all my Instagram photos now and I don’t touch filters.  You can do so much with this and it’s so quick and easy too, it’s actually easier to use and does more than the website I use to edit my blog pics.  I wish they had a desktop version!  It takes a little getting used to at first to find all the features but once you’ve got the hang of it it’s pretty intuitive, I recommend it to everyone who wants to improve their Instagram pics.


I was not in the least bit surprised when looking at the results of the app map to find out this app came out so highly amongst Londoners, it’s a miracle worker!  If you are visiting London or any major city I can’t recommend it enough.  Just put in where you want to go and where you are starting from. your current location and it’ll figure it out all the possible routes for you, including the time of the different journeys and the price.  It knows all the time tables of the Underground, buses and trains and can tell you even which carriage to be in for maximum time saving.  It’s saved me money and time, I wouldn’t have explored any where near as much of London without this app, knowing I can find my way home in any situation.  It also has other features like rain safe mode, which will show you routes that avoid getting wet on a rainy day, and the price of an Uber for the journey if you just want to get there quickly and easily.  I used this when I was in NYC too, it’s a must have!


Another travelling app that I’ve taken to this year, I wouldn’t have done most of the travelling I have this year if wasn’t for Airbnb.  Solo travelling was just way too expensive before, now I use the app not only to look for last minute adventures but also to communicate with the place I’m staying when I’m on route.  It’s honestly changed my life for the better.  Use my code to get £30 your first stay over £55 (I get £15 credit if you do this which I am most thankful for, more trips for me!).


You might have noticed in my other posts My Five Favourite Places to Listen to Audiobooks and Why I’m giving audiobooks another try that BookBeat has been a recently find of mine.  I love that I have access to books wherever I am with just a click of a button.  Don’t forget you can use my code to get one month’s free trial.


Remember a couple of years ago when Serial came out and the world went podcast crazy?  Well like many that was my first time listening to Podcasts and I’ve never looked back!  I listen to them every day and I’m subscribed to so many, mainly true crime (check out my 5 True Crime Podcasts for Lovers of Serial) and factual podcasts as that’s what interests me the most.  


Everyone must have a game on the phone and this one is mine, it’s kind of the same style as Candy Crush but it has a cute story.  It’s kind of dumb, but it’s fun to play and it’s one of those that only has 5 lives at a time which is exactly what I need if I want to get anything done ever!


I really don’t think I make it clear enough on my blog just how much music means to me, then maybe on my Why I was never going to be ready for Funeral for a Friend ending post.  I’ve been a pop punk princess ever since I was a pre-teen blasting tunes makes me feel like I’m on top of the world, especially in the Summer.  I’m still too much of a skinflint to upgrade and pay for Spotify but hopefully soon, I love that it has almost every band I like on there, even the most obscure metal and industrial bands.


Whenever I have a free evening or weekend and just fancy doing something new Fever is a great place to jump on to find out what’s going on in London.  They have tons of deals on here from theatre, to food and drink, to big events.  It’s always worth a look to see what’s happening.  

So that’s my top 10, why not share yours in the comments below?

This is a collaborative post with Carphone Warehouse and also contains affiliate links


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