Weekly Vlogs: June

You might have noticed this vlog update is a little late?  Well I’d love to give you an in depth reason but the truth is I just completely forgot about it!  I blame Pride for destroying my brain last month but it only occurred to be yesterday that I hadn’t posted my vlog round up for June, so without further adeu let’s get stuck right in:

Summer really felt like it was picking up this week as I was invited to the TwoRuba to check out their new summer coctail menu, saw the fantastic first part of Angels in America at The National Theatre and headed to Soho to check out the Powerpuff Girls Pop Up Shop.

In weeks 6 & 7 I share my George home wear, sleek makeup and hair product haul.  I have a go at making my own cocktail creation at home and head to Somerset to go camping for my first time outside of a festival!

Week 8 of weekly vlogging and I saw the fabulous Lady Bunny on stage at the Soho Theatre and was lucky enough to meet her after, headed to Brgr.Co for a food review and then drove up to Yorkshire where I got a new hair colour, went clubbing, booked a holiday, and headed to a family christening!  Phew!

So that’s 2/12 months of weekly vlogging done, it’s amazing how you can forget how you’ve done so much, especially while I had Pride taking over my life.  If you want to check out my videos as they happen don’t forget to subscribe to my Youtube channel so you never miss a video!


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