Bloggers’ Immersive Movie Night

One of the many things I enjoy about blogging is the amazing event opportunities it gives me, mainly because this is were I getting to meet and hang out with other bloggers.  It’s how I met some of my best blogging friends and a great way to meet new people.  So when I was asked to attend a bloggers’ immersive movie night and I had to say yes.

If you’ve been a reader of my blog for a while you will know I am normally a theatre person rather than film.  Theatre forces me to focus completely, watching films at home I often find myself using the time to get some writing done so I rarely take in a film properly.  I thought the idea of an immersive film experience at home crosses the gap between theatre and passive film watching, maybe this could be the thing to really make me focus in and pay attention to films?

We started our experience arriving at the venue to find the cutest set up and we were greeted by cocktails, the best way to enter a room anywhere right?  After meeting the other bloggers we were given quiz sheets and told there were clues scattered around the room to help us figure them out, and that there would be more surprises in store!  Naturally we fell into groups and after the encouragement of a few more cocktails and the delicious accompaniment of the film themed afternoon tea, we found ourselves getting more and more competitive as we tried to guess them all.

Now the event wasn’t held just for the fun of it of course, in this case it was to promote Sony’s latest range of TV’s, the Sony OLED 4K TV.  Now the TV we currently have in the flat is one my other half bought over 4 years ago and although it does the job it’s not exactly state of the art.  I was genuinely taken aback by how good the screen was on the Sony TV, in particular the travel photography looked absolutely stunning!  I’d happily use it just to flip through my travel shots all day they look so good!  Apparently it also has some crazy speakers that make sound actually come through the screen, so you don’t need extra speakers.   I don’t really understand the technicalities of how this worked but I can confirm it sounded awesome.

Suddenly our attention was grabbed as music pumped in and two incredible aerobatic performers entered the room.  To the sound of three film sound tracks (which it turns out were clues to three of our quiz questions) they performed some crazy stunts that made me wince and stand in awe all at the same time.  These were some truly talented performers!

From there it was back to the quiz, by this point we were getting closer and closer to completing it, with only a couple of questions we were truly stuck on.  It felt like the night might be wending down when suddenly someone burst into the room and announced a murder mystery had began!  We were given a program filled with clues and throughout the remainder of the night scenes were played out that helped us guess who the murderer was, and who was to be murdered, as even that wasn’t revealed till the very end of the night!  With the cocktails and Prosecco flowing we got really into it, interrogating the actors on the finer details for their story as clues were revealed.  I had such a laugh doing this, there were times I was almost in tears, and maybe that’s why I didn’t do so well at the actually murder mystery part, as I got the murder and the motive totally wrong.  Of course I can’t reveal who done it but I totally recommend the *** company if you are looking for a quick, fun and totally wild Murder Mystery event.

Despite my lack of investigative skills I still had an Oscar to take home for my efforts, and I didn’t even have to make an embarrassing speech to get it!  A huge thanks to Sony and Curry’s PC World for inviting me own for the immersive move night in, I really did have a blast!  Why not learn more about How to create an immersive movie night at home here/

Hows your film knowledge?


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