Boyfriend Chooses My Clothing Challenge with Quiz Clothing

A few weeks ago I got an email that both got me excited and slightly terrified me.  It was from Quiz Clothing with a proposal, I could choose any two items of clothing from their website but with one condition, I had no say in what the items were.  Instead I had to hand over full control to my boyfriend Harry, who would have full control over what  would wear.

I’ve been with Harry for over four years so I’d like to think he knows my still pretty well by now, as well as what parts of my body I like and don’t like on show.  He was away at his parents when I sent him his task so I really didn’t have a say in what he chose.  He did some of the typical complaining of someone who never shops online about the sheer amount of choice (he’s not a fan of any shopping at the best on times) before settling on a few items.

The jacket he settled on almost straight away, inspired by how much I love the mint green jacket seen in my colourful Bristol post he figured I’d like it but what he wasn’t aware of (he has no interest in fashion) is the very on trend feature of the floral embroidery.  I love them as a design feature and the material is super soft.  It will be great for the Autumn months as the weather gets cooler.  I just prodded him for a response on his choice of jacket and this was his answer:

You’ve got a pink winter coat already so I thought it’s the kind of thing you’d wear and you don’t wear florals much so it’s a bit different

 The dress he had much more of a struggle with, this is actually the 4th of the dresses he chose.  The first was a dress along the lines of the band-tee dress trend as he wanted something totally different then my usual 50’s style, however sadly it was out of stock my my size.  His next choice was also not available in my size, and his third, a denim style dress with white lace accents, was too small for me when it arrived.  Finally his 4th choice was more successful, this red floral style dress is similar to my usual style but more youthful and on trend:

It defiantly shows more chest then I’m used to, in fact so much I had to pin it shut as my whole bra was on show.  I have a short body so I seem to have this issue I have with quite a lot of clothing so I’m not sure if it’s me or the dress but it certainly doesn’t look like this on the model.  It’s a shorter length then my usual dresses which was perfect for the glorious day we were having when we had this shoot in Hyde Park.  The material has an unusual, almost crinoline feel which makes it super comfortable and light weight yet it didn’t lift up in the breeze like my vintage style dresses do.  On the dress Harry says:

I thought it was kind of smart casual and again something I thought you’d actually wear, plus your always complaining that you have nothing to wear so I thought a dress was a good choice.  

I think it’s fair to say with insights like that he’s not going to be a fashion blogger anytime soon!  It seems Harry’s main focus was finding something I’d actually wear while still being slightly outside of my comfort zone, and it’s been a success.  While I don’t think either of the items are the things I would initially have picked for myself from the Quiz website, both items I really like on and can see myself wearing often, especially the dress which is super comfortable and perfect for the Summer!  So despite his uncertainties (he messaged me constantly with links asking ‘would this be ok’ while I had to keep replying with ‘I’m not allowed an input’) and his complete lack on interest in fashion he did a good job.  

Would you let you other half dress you?


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