72 Hours in Dublin: Days Two & Three

Day 2

Our second day we woke up raring to go!  We spend the morning walking around the southern part of the city before heading to Johnny Rockets for lunch.  Happily filled we headed to Dublin’s  ‘must see’ attraction, the Guinness Storehouse.
I’ll be honest if it wasn’t for my travel companions this isn’t a place I would have chosen to visit, I’m a spirit drinker so beer is generally off the menu for me, however surprisingly you don’t need to be a Guinness lover to enjoy this attraction.  It’s been incredibly well produced in a way to appeal to all.  Winding your way up the glass Guinness glass shaped building you learn all about the history of this famous stout from production, to advertising, to the perfect way to taste test it and loads more.  Your tour ends in the sky bar where you can enjoy a complimentary pint of the black stuff while you overlook the city.  It’s one of the best views you’ll get in Dublin and I swear it’s true what they say, Guinness really does taste better here!
Feeling a little tipsy (we’re all lightweights what can I say) we wandered through the Temple Bar area and decided to head to The National Wax Museum Plus for a giggle.  This museum is frankly a bit of a mess.  The first part of the tour doesn’t include any wax works at all, instead through a lot of broken and very dated science exhibits with random large blocks of text everywhere and rather random seeming animatronics.  From here it thankfully does improve, and while the quality of the exhibits does vary there is quite a bit of interactivity to make it more fun.  Bare in mind that as this is an Irish wax museum you will expect to see mostly Irish stars represented here, I particularly liked the recreated bar of Irish writers and the children’s room (although a lot of these figures were plastic not wax).  The section which took you back in time through Irish history was informative and one of the more well created parts of the attraction while the horror section was small yet perfectly terrifying!
After lots of laughs here we headed back to the room to freshening up for dinner and drinks.  We found a local place not too far away from our accommodation called The Bankers Bar which did amazing food and drinks all really reasonably priced.  Serving traditional Irish pub food (and lots of it) I think this was the best food we had our whole visit and it has a really nice atmosphere.  It was a great place to end the night.

Day 3

Our last day was actually only a half day so we spent the time we had exploring the south side of Dublin once more, doing a bit of souvenir shopping and monument hunting.  We took a walk along the river where we had another delicious pub meal before heading for our Airbus back to the airport.

This trip was different from my usual travels in that the emphasis was on hanging out with friends I don’t see often enough rather than hunting out new parts of a city, so we took the more touristy options and actually really enjoyed it.  I left not only wanting to come back and explore more of Ireland on the whole as a country, but also wanting to know more about Ireland’s fascinating and varied history.

What is your favourite part of Dublin?
*Tickets to the Guinness Storehouse and The national Wax Museum Plus provided by http://www.ireland.com/en-gb/, all words and opinions are my own.

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