Rocking Ray-Ban with David Clulow #ClulowCares

Have you ever failed to realised just how bad your eyesight has gotten until someone points it out for you?  Because that’s exactly what happened when I had an eye test at David Clulow in Covent Garden recently.  I was invited over for an eye test and to choose a pair of Ray-Ban’s from their extensive range of glasses. There was no way I was going to say no to that as I have always wanted a pair and I have to admit I do fit the Yorkshire stereotype of having short arms and deep pocket so I’ve never bought anything designer in my life, so it’s safe to say my answer of yes came pretty fast.

I thought I might be due an eye test, I’m not the best of keeping track of these things and the place I usually get my eyes tested is based back in my home town so the appointment reminders go to my parents address.  I found out later when I was opening post at my mum’s that I was actually well over due.  As I’d recently picked up a pair of glasses I wasn’t’ really rushing into getting a new eye test and as I told the opticians I didn’t think my eyes had changed that much anyway, turns out I was very wrong!

When I was invited into the private room for my eye test I managed to blurt out that I’d never had an eye test in London before, the optician laughed and said they were the same as everywhere.  However in this case I have to disagree, here they were much more thorough, taking their time going through the different frames and using various machines to check my eye health. I was impressed with the different methods they had and I never felt like I was being rushed for an answer like at my old opticians that I have to admit I only went to because the tests were a fiver…

At the end of the test the optician showed me two final lenses and asked which was clearer.  The jump in clarity was so much I thought he must be joking, he had to know the second one was so much clearer!  Turns out the first lense was my current prescription and the second is the new. The jump was huge, I don’t know how I’d not noticed!  

After getting over the shock of my blindness I was taken upstairs to look at the Ray-Ban range.  There was a wide range of different styles and colours to choose from.  From the iconic wayfarer to the new range I could have been overwhelmed but the store manager was incredibly knowledgeable and happy to give me a hand.  In the past I’ve always been left alone to try on the glasses myself and try and figure what looks good, but here the staff know so much about glasses and what suit people’s colourings and face shapes it was a massive help to someone like me who’s not good with this kind of thing.  We tried a few different styles before I settled on a classic black pair, smaller than the classic Wayfarers so they don’t drowned my face but still recognisably Ray-Ban.  The manager was also really dilemmatic when I chose against his advice and went for a black pair cause I just love a classic!
The glasses themselves are so comfortable and lightweight I can barely tell I’ve got them on, I’ve never felt glasses this light.  You can have choose to have Ray-Ban etched onto the glass as further proof of authenticity and I went for this option as lets face it, when am I ever going to own Ray-Bans again!  

You can find branches of David Clulow throughout London, find your nearest store and book an appointment here.

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