Travel Roundup: January to June 2017

It’s strange to think that this time last year I hadn’t been abroad in quite a long time, and when I had it wasn’t really something you could describe as “travel”. It was more like typical short holidays, and the times I’d been away without my parents was rare. I traveled the UK via train extensively but as soon as anything involved an overnight stay the costs wracked up and I couldn’t justify it. Thankfully my little trip to Cologne paired with my bigger trips to Orlando and New York at the end of that year built up my confidence with travel planning. Then I discovered Airbnb (affiliate link) and signed up to every discount travel website going and suddenly things were affordable. By the start of 2017 I had well and truly caught the bug and was ready to get moving! Here’s a roundup of my travel in the first half of 2017 and trust me guys, there is so much more to come!


London is my home base so I guess this shouldn’t really count but whatever I’m in love with my city and I will continue to explore it so I’m counting it!
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This was my second trip to Scotland after my first visit back in 2010 when I was working for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Edinburgh is a gorgeous, historical, magical city and I loved it just as much 7 years later.
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Lake District
Harry’s family live in the Lake District so I am lucky enough to visit this stunning part of the country a few times a year. They live in a picturesque village surrounded by mountains and greenery and I can’t wait to spend a cosy Christmas there later this year.
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My amazing, often mocked home town which has more to offer than you might think! I obviously came here to visit family but there is always plenty to do in the museums, art galleries and activities around and that’s without going into the gorgeous scenery that surrounds it.
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I love Leeds! I can’t remember how many times I’ve actually been there this year, I think twice and both were to go get drunk at my friends goth club and meet up with some blogger babes. It’s a city I wish I could explore more rather than just a passing glance, I did have a rather nice hungover walk by the docks though! It’s an underrated city so do go if you get the chance.
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Edinburgh stoked my love for Scotland so a few months later I was back on the train, this time to Glasgow to visit a place totally new to me. Glasgow is a pretty city in it’s own way but has a much more trendy, industrial edge compared with Edinburgh. There are some incredible food options around the city too and there’s so much to see and do here, it won’t be my last trip.
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We head here for the annual Easter reunion with Harry’s family. Although the emphasis is more on family then exploring it’s impossible to miss the gorgeous surroundings.


I headed to Liverpool to celebrate a 50th Birthday and while I didn’t get chance to see much of the city the parts I did see I fell in love with! We spent the evening in the main tourist area of Mathew Street where we of course headed to the Cavan Club to take in the Beatles history. The next day before we got our train we headed for the Albert Docks where a steam fair just happened to be taking place. I love the trendy, chilled vibe to the docks and the view of the river from here was stunning. I also discovered a ton of museums in this area that I really want to visit so I am hoping to come back for a weekend as soon as I get the chance.

My first ever visit to Kent happened at the start of May this year when I visited Maidstone for a family wedding. The wedding venue was absolutely stunning and the day after the wedding we headed to the centre of Maidstone to check out the town before heading home. Sadly most of the town isn’t that nice but the area near the river was really pretty.

I’ve wanted to visit Auschwitz for a long time so I knew a visit to Krakow was on the cards. Auschwitz is harrowing and strangely peaceful, whereas Krakow itself has a lot to offer being both steeped in tradition and surprisingly sleek. It’s a gorgeous city and I’ve got tons I want to write about this trip:
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Bath is one of the UK’s must visit cities and after a short visit here on my way to Bristol I can totally see why, it’s definitely left me wanting to see more. We only had half a day here and we managed to check out most of the major sites and grab some gorgeous lunch but I must go back and check out the spa and museums fully.

Me and Harry had talked about visiting Bristol for years, at one time as a potential home despite the fact we’d never been, so it seemed like a good place to go for our 4th anniversary. We explored the city for a couple of days and I still have more to see, we went to Brunel’s SS Great Britain which Harry loved and we both fell quite a bit for this city.
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Hamburg is the second city in Germany I’ve visited after first heading to Cologne last year. I didn’t know a great deal about the city before I came but it’s a youthful, diverse and yet historic city with lots to offer. Expect to see more posts on this underrated city heading your way in the future
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Growing up in South Yorkshire I’d seen so little of this side of the country. We headed to Cheddar to go camping for a reunion with some of Harry’s family and while we didn’t leave the campsite the mountainous views surrounding it were really stunning. Another place to add to my must return list!

So here’s my travel total for January to June *drum roll*:
Places: 14
Countries: 4
New places: 8

I’ll do another of these at the end of the year so you can see where else I’ve been as I’ve been busy again already and I already have another couple of European city breaks on the horizon, so stay tuned! So many of these UK cities I’ve mentioned I want to re-visit too. Make sure you follow my Instagram to see where I’m at at the moment. 

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