Heisenberg: The Uncertainty Principle at The Wyndham’s Theatre

In 1925 scientist and philosopher Werner Heisenberg produced a breakthrough paper about the uncertainty principle in regards to quantum physics, in 2017 we see this production place this theory in a real world setting; in a story of world wind meetings and romance.  The shows asks:

“In this uncertain world, who can predict what brings people together?”
The meeting between a middle aged American woman who is a hurricane of energy and disjointed in her own right, and a steadfast elderly butcher makes for quite the companionship.  Throughout the play we see this unlikely relationship blossom and play out in an almost surreal manner.  The pacing and energy of the play is among some of its highlights, as well as its expert use of language and humour.  You get the feeling this is a pair you could listen to just for their manner of conversation, however the plot is lacking and the language sadly isn’t enough to carry it through.

Both performers do an excellent job at portraying their characters with depth, warmth and humour.  The white box staging is dynamic and the ever changing walls adding to the sense of mild chaos and unpredictability of the characters.  It almost appears like a dance at times.
Sadly the pair isn’t captivating enough to hold the play together.  It lose its energy and engagement towards the latter end of the play which leaves the whole show being sadly forgettable.  Catch the show until the 6th of January 2018, pick up a ticket here.
*I was given press tickets to this performance in exchange for a review. all words are my own and honest.

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