Jinkx Sings Everything at Leicester Square Theatre

British drag queens are known (somewhat infamously after that Drag Race episode) for singing live rather than the lip syncing which is popular across the pond.  In Jinkx Sings Everything Jinkx Monsoon proves that she can hold a tune with the best of our UK crowd!

You may know Jinkx is the season five winner of Rupaul’s Drag Race, where she showed her colours as a theatre queen, so it’s no surprise that musicals are her songs of choice here. However, exactly which show tunes she sings is down to the audience, so make sure you go with a list of your favorite musical soundtracks in mind – if you’re lucky she might just pick yours!

Leaving your track-list to the mercy of an audience requires some real bravery and trust in your vocal talents, with Jinkx it’s clear to see why she has this confidence, her vocal performance is out of this world.  There are a lot of queens that can hold a tune, but Jinkx might prove she is one the best. She tackles a variety of musical genres with impressive vocal strength, humour and some show-stopping notes!

The circuit of the Drag Race queens these days is pretty well trodden, so it is refreshing to see a queen step out of this and prove herself to a theatre audience.  Not many queens can hold their own in a solo show, but jinkx is definitely one of them.  Additionally with different songs being suggested every night the re-watchability factor is high.  Jinkx tackles all kinds of topics with genuine humour, sass and bundles of personality (Including throwing some shade at bloggers but we won’t hold that against her)!

A feel good show that’s pure entertainment that will have you singing show tunes for weeks!  Catch Jinkx Sings Everything is at Leicester Square Theatre until the 28th of October.  

*Tickets were complementary in exchange for an honest review, all words and opinions are my own. 

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