Christmas Gift Ideas for the Hard to Buy For

The family member or friend who is hard to shop for always presents a challenge during gift-giving seasons. They either have everything you can imagine already in their private collections, or they have such meticulous taste that the idea of shopping for them is frightening. You convince yourself that everything you can think of will be offensive. As daunting as the task may seem, it is possible to still find a thoughtful gift. You simply have to get out of the box and let your creativity guide your senses through the selections at

Pens and Writing Instruments

Although everyone who is alive in the current sea of technology seems attached to a cell phone or other mobile device, many people still appreciate a good pen. When they have to sign off on official documents, take notes or create relentless to-do lists, they want to complete the task looking classy. Sleek designer fountain pens and ornate rollerballs give them a sense of power. No matter how advanced the world becomes in technology, there is no high-tech smartphone that can compete with that feeling.


The gift recipient with selective taste and a busy schedule does not always have the ideal clock on the office wall or at home. It would be wonderful to send a reminder to slow down by gifting a clock. Make it even more sentimental by making it an analog clock, since everything else this person has is likely digital. Clocks are keepsakes and are often focal points in the decor of a room. They rest on mantel places, desks, nightstands, side tables and walls, reminding onlookers of all the wonderful things they have accomplished in their lives. An engraved clock might upgrade its status to a family heirloom.

Something Odd

If you are aiming for something your tough gift recipient does not already have, try something humorous or odd, but sentimental. For example, if you decide to go with that clock idea, why not buy a Lego clock. This is certainly something that most people do not have. It comes with all the power of a lifetime memento and becomes something playful, as well. Swarovski crystal figurines are another unusual gift idea. If you need to be more practical, consider earbuds or headphones, which always seem to give out too soon.

The task of shopping for a difficult gift recipient does not have to always be intimidating. You must be willing to think beyond the usual parameters. Whether you choose something odd, funny or practical, the recipient will remember your thoughtfulness for many years to come.

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