Journey into the Upside down with the Super Loot Mystery Geek Box

I remember just a few years ago when geek boxes first popped up in the US and I was desperate for them to make the transition across the pond so I could get my hands on one.  All those beauty and lifestyle subscription boxes have never interested me but the idea of getting nerdy merch in the post filled me with great excitement.  Since then companies have popped up all over to the place, so how do you separate the Han Solo’s from the Jar Jar Binks?  Well Super Loot sent me a box to see how they size up.

Let’s start with the basics, a monthly geek box is £19.99 a month or £16.99 a month for your first month.  You can buy three or six month plans but you are free to cancel at any time, if you buy the three or six month subscription your box drops to £17.99 and £16.99 respectively.  Every month has a different theme; just tell them your t-shirt size, order your box and await the delivery.  So is it worth the money?  Well here’s what came in mine:

Stranger Things Hopper Pop! Vinyl Figure

Pop figures have taken the world by storm over the last few years, and so has Stranger Things so this is a great combination.  I own a few myself already so this will be a great addition to my collection. 

GhostBusters Coaster

Let’s face it every box is going to contain a few lower value items and this is one of them.  I do love GhostBusters but I find a singular coaster a little pointless.

The Walking Dead MiniMates Series 7

Personally I’m not a walking dead fan but my boyfriend is so this is going straight to him.  These miniatures are cute and surprisingly detailed so would make a great addition to a desk or bookshelf.

Boo! Rubber Keychain

A cute way of looking after your keys but nothing worth writing home about. 

Stranger Things Inspired Super Loot T-Shirt

For me this is the absolute highlight of the box.  The outline of the main characters and the ‘Friends don’t lie’ slogan in the signature Stranger Things font make this t-shirt really special.  I put it on straight away and was really impressed with the quality, it received lots of complements.

So that’s the full box, for me the t-shirt itself justifies the cost of the box and everything else is a bonus.  Of all the geek boxes I’ve tried I think this one is my favourite.  Each box contains at least £40 worth of products so for £19.99 it’s a real bargain and would make a great Christmas gift.  It’s guaranteed that you will receive a Pop! Funko in every box so it’s a great option if you are a collector.  If you want to order your own check it out here (affiliate link).

What’s the best monthly subscription box you’ve tried?


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