Bao, Bowls and Burgers at The Dead Dolls House, Islington

January is here and many of us are still recovering from Christmas.  I am over sugared, over tired and desperately in need of putting some goodness back in my body.  However goodness doesn’t have to be boring, The Dead Dolls House in Islington recently released their new menu with some healthier options to get us through this cold month.  And don’t worry, there’s still plenty on offer if your not watching what you eat this month!
We started off how every meal should start, with cocktails!  The cocktail list here is impressive and varied, they even have some healthy cocktails for those who want their alcohol guilt-free.  Harry went with the Lapland fizz, a slightly sour, bitter yet refreshing drink with a mild edge made up of aquavit, lemon, sugar and soda.  It’s a drink with a slow build and a great choice if you are a fan of a mojito.  Typically for me I went with something with more of a sweet touch and chose the The Dead Dolls House Punch, a combination of vodka, cassis, framboise, lemon raspberry and prosecco.   It’s a great balance of sweet and sour that doesn’t fall into the trap of becoming too sugary or tart.  
Onto the food and we started the meal opting for the Buttermilk chicken bao and Buffalo Chicken wings.  I had not yet tried a bao and was really desperate to try one and if these are anything to go by I will be eating a lot more in the future!  The bun was soft, light and amazingly smooth and provided a perfect contrast to the crunch of the buttermilk chicken.  The chipotle mayo really brought the dish together, I could have eaten a plate of these and been more then happy!  Buffalo wings are a big deal to me and my other half – we’re on a mission to try and find the best in London.  Every time we see them on a menu we have to try them.  These didn’t quite take the crown, however they’re near the top.  The only thing that sets them back is them being slightly too oily and not quite tangy enough, however the flavour is spot on and if it was a bit more powerful than they’d really be in the running for top spot!  
Onto the main course and I went for a healthier option and chose the Poke Bowl.  I’ve been meaning to try this for a while so I excited to give it a try.  The bowl was colourful and fresh and the ginger a welcome addition to add extra dimension.  The egg was cooked perfectly and really added to the variety of the meal.  Harry on the other hand headed straight for the option with the most cheese!  The Sweet Baby Cheezus is a burger with three different cheeses and pancetta to finish it off, which was so thick it was almost like gammon and really flavourful.  This was one of the best burgers I’ve tasted in a long time.  The meat was juicy and perfectly seasoned whilst the combination of cheeses was sheer perfection.  I get frustrated when people pile cheese on things just for that ‘ooze’ factor but here it really is all about the flavour.  The blue cheese aftertaste really is to die for!  The sweet potato fries we paired with the burger were crisp and well seasoned.  
If you want a good cocktail and flavourful food I’d recommend stopping into the The Dead Dolls House.  If you are looking for a healthy option there’s plenty to choose from and if not, well there’s an all you can eat Wing Wednesday that might just be calling your name…

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