Goals for 2018

After last weeks post wrapping up all I got up to in 2017 it only makes sense to follow it up by looking at the year ahead.  As I mentioned, goals for me are more something I hope to happen without generally working too hard on explicitly.  In fact I hate the word really, I’m more of a fly by the seat of my pants and see what happens kind of person, but with no batter word here we are.  So here’s what I would like to achieve in 2018?

Get into Pinterest

I’ve never really bothered with Pinterest if I’m honest but I started organising my boards last month and I’m having fun with it so I’d love top ay more attention to the platform this year.  I rarely remember to share posts there so it would be nice to build my base.  I currently sit at 789 followers so if I can bump that up to 1k then that would be great.

Get some Yoga under my belt

I started doing yoga last year and it did provide some relief to my aching joints I was slowly starting to become more flexible.  Then I badly sprained my ankle in May and I’ve not been able to do any since.  I am only just at the point where my ankle can hold my weight again so it’s time to give this another crack!

Be comfortable with myself before my birthday

Basically this is saying I want to loose some weight and be healthier without saying it.  Just before Christmas I lost around 10 pounds and as my clothes weren’t restricting me so much I felt much better in myself.  I will be turning the big 3-0 in May and I’m heading to California to celebrate.  I want to be able to tackle hilly San Fran and sun-drenched Disneyland without being self conscious or uncomfortable too tight clothes or becoming out of breath so easily.  I have no specific goals, just to feel healthier. 

Improve my writing and photography

Stealing this one from last year as with blogging this is always on going.  I need to carry on writing and become familiar with my camera again to improve my blog on the whole. 

Save money by eating out less

My travel plans for 2018 involve doing two big trips instead of lots of smaller trips like I did in 2017.  First I’l be heading to California in May, then Japan sometime in the Autumn, these will be expensive trips  and I plan on using my old house-buying fund to fund some of them but I will still need to save where I can.  Not grabbing a Pret sarnie everyday will help bot my wallet and my waistline!

Be nominated for something

I’ve never been nominated for a big blog award and helping out with the Bloggers Blog Awards this year really made me want to aim for this for the first time.  I’ve always just told myself if would never happen, that I am not cool or popular enough and while that might be the case it still can’t hurt to try!  I don’t expect to win a thing but just to be nominated would really make for an amazing 2018!

So that’s just a few things I’d like to achieve this year.  What are your main aims for 2018?


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