Dinner Time Stories: The 3D Projected Edible Performance

When you think of dinner entertainment you probably think of something along the lines of the Faulty Towers Dining Experience I went to a few weeks ago, but with storytelling and impressiveness being such a big trend in 2018 some companies are taking this beyond a straightforward dinner and a show.  Dinner Time Stories uses technology to take you on a journey where your food is as much a part of the show as the projected characters who move across your table and take you on a trip across the globe.
As the story book opened in front of each guest we were introduced to “Le Petit Chef” who takes us on a culinary adventure following in the footsteps on Marco Polo around the world with delicious treats at every stop.  The story is told via projection using 3D visual technology which takes over the whole table and really does transform the space as you move from country to country.  Sound, sight and taste help transport the diners to other worlds.
This six course spectacular takes you on a flavour journey, and each course comes with its own cocktail that really complements the flavours and adds to the story.  While the service isn’t 100% smooth the staff do a great job at moving the elements along so everything fits within the designated two hour time slot.
As for the food, you get a mini menu with each course and I don’t want to give anything away as the surprise really does add to the experience, but expect to find cuisine from India, France, China and beyond.  All the food is really delicious and of an extremely high quality with the flavours complementing each other and the story perfectly.  The atmosphere throughout is one of curiosity and excitement, it is truly hard to capture with just images.  It is something that has to be experienced in person.  Each course is thematically served in chests, ornate trays and there’s even a touch of magic (or possibly dry ice). 
Dinner Time Stories is a unique food experience that is well worth the price tag.  Find Dinner Time Stories inside TT Liquor where a two hour experience with six courses and cocktails costs £95.

Would you like to experience a one of a kind meal like this?
I was invited to review by Love Popups London, all words and opinions are my own.


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