Eugenius! at The Other Place

With Bananaman The Musical just finished at the Southwark Playhouse and now Eugenius!, the story of a teenage boy and his love of making comic book art, it’s fair to say the age of the nostalgic musical may be upon us!  Eugenius is crammed to the rafters with 80’s references, geek culture and superheroes.  If you’ve ever considered yourself to be on the nerdy side, this is the musical for you.

The nostalgia hits you as soon as you enter the theatre with 80’s tv and film soundtracks setting the scene as you take your seat.  This show has a lot of the classical musical stylings of what can make a cult musical; funny characters, catchy tunes and a whole host of pop culture references.  The big names involved in this show; Mark Hamill, Brian Blessed and the producer Warwick Davis add further force behind the nerdy-credentials of this musical.  It has geek anthems abound, and if you can leave the theatre without singing along to the infectious theme song ”Go Eugenius!” you’ll be one of the few who can!  It is a love letter to all things nerd, geek and anyone who has ever felt on the outside, it’s message being one of friendship and being true to yourself.  The whole cast is highly talented, with Daniel Buckley in the role of Ferris being a real fan favourite.  
It’s a musical that is classically formed, well written and full of energy.  Whilst this show isn’t breaking new ground you can’t help but find yourself from grinning and giggling throughout and leaving the theatre feeling the infectious fun.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see a revised version of this hitting the West End or on a UK tour in the very near future.  

My ticket was received in return for a review, all words and opinions are my own. 

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