Faulty Towers Dining Experience

There are a handful of British comedies that are truly iconic; Mr Bean, The Office and of course, Fawlty Towers.  Despite being around for just two short series it has left a mark on the comedy landscape that cannot be overstated.  It has influenced countless tv shows right up to the present day and it’s scores of fans can be seen quoting the shows iconic scenes word for word.  All you need to say is ‘the German episode’ and people will know exactly what you mean.  It’s recent addition to Netflix has opened it up to a whole new generation of fans with birthdays been celebrated from 21-75 on the evening we attended The Faulty Towers Dining Experience to see if it could live up to this classic show.

The show begins before you enter the restaurant and as expected the food is flying!  The familiar characters of the useless waiter Manuel, busybody wife SybIl and the ever quick-to-anger hotel owner Basil begin to seat the guests as farcically as ever.

From here the rest of the performance takes part in the dining room, where the fun begins as soon as you are seated at your table.  Despite being a cast of just three they manage to fill the whole room, mixing classic routines with new improvisations seamlessly in some of the best character performances you will see.  Every mannerism and voice quirk of these famous performances is spot on.  
The show provides classic slapstick comedy and humour while still somehow feeling fresh despite its age, the cast does a great job of involving the audience without crossing the line and making anyone feel offended or truly uncomfortable.  It has the audience giggling into their food throughout.

Speaking of food it’s basically a prime example of a standard British three course meal, soup starter, chicken main course and a cheesecake.  It’s nothing particularly new or exciting but it does the job and the focus here isn’t on the food after all.  The food choice is pretty in fitting with the Faulty Towers restaurant so it could be classed as theming!

Despite its familiarity this excitingly chaotic show still remains unpredictable.  If you are someone who likes to eat their dinner in peace and is uncomfortable with people being on, or under the table while you eat, this isn’t for you.  If you want some classic comedy humour, get your ticket booked right away!  

Grab tickets to The Faulty Towers Dining Experience in the West End here or catch the show on tour here.

Tickets were provided by love Popups London in exchange for an honest review, all words and opinions are me own.


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