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Don’t you just love going to a friends for a slap up meal and maybe a glass of wine or two?  Going out to a restaurant is always nice but it can sometimes feel a bit too formal and impersonal, being in a home just has a whole different vibe.  That means someone is eft doing the cooking, and really who wants that?  Certainly not me!  That’s where WeFiFo steps in, imagine a dinner party except the person hosting is a professional chef!  It’s a foodies dream come true and it’s now a reality.  Just browse the WeFiFo website to find a menu/ chef that you like, book your ticket and prepare to rock up at the chefs home for a intimate dinner party with amazing food.  WeFiFo invited me to check out how this works recently and they chose the Chef Ronnie Murray (who you might recognise from The Great British Menu and Sunday Brunch tv shows amongst others) whose menu was a tempting pork filled delight!
Arriving at Ronnie’s beautiful home we were seated in the kitchen which was the perfect location for hosting guests.  One of the benefits of this style of dining is that you get to meet new people, and who knows who you might meet!  Watching the chef do his stuff right alongside you was fascinating to watch and having Ronnie’s adorable dog around was a definite bonus.
We were greeted by a welcome drink which was a twist on the Bloody Mary and included black pudding amongst it’s ingredients and was appropriately renamed the Bloody Babe (I’ll say this just once, this is a menu that won’t be a favourite with vegetarians!).  The drink was amazingly flavourful and helped set the tone for the evening, along with the piles of pork crackling which were a little too addictive!  This was all before the real canapés arrived, platefuls of juicy pigs in blankets that made the mouth water!
The main courses were served over a few plates starting with the first arrangement of chorizo, broad bean hummus and pickled veggies along with an amazingly seasoned flatbread.  Every element of the dish complemented each other fabulously and was truly moreish.
Next up it was time for black pudding and grilled scallops with guanciale and wild garlic.  If you’re thinking that black pudding and scallops are not two elements you would never think of putting together I am sure your not the only one, but they work so well.  The texture of the scallops along with the powerful yet subtle flavour of the moist and crumbly black pudding made this dish a pleasure to eat.  This is the best black pudding you are likely to find anywhere in the UK.
As if that wasn’t enough the main courses just kept coming as we were soon met with hannan meats sugar pit bacon ribs with a side of winter slaw, pork dripping chips and crispy pig crumble.  I had never had sugar pit bacon before and now I am wondering a)why not and b) why anyone bothers eating any other kind of bacon!  Ronnie managed to include this delight into almost every dish and I can see why, it’s crisp sweetness balances out the salty elements in a way that makes it truly irresistible.  The ribs where so well cooked they were practically melting and full of flavour down to every last scrap.  Despite being seriously full at this point I couldn’t resist the chips which were just the right combination of crisp and fluffy and are hands down the best chips I’ve ever tasted.  
Finishing up the night, when truth be told we were too full to move, we were presented with the Percy Pig raspberry cheesecake.  Managing to still get the pig references in somewhere this cheesecake was just sweet and light enough to finish this meal perfectly before we settled in with our Teapigs Tea and truffles to end the night.

This meal was £40, which given the quality and quantity of the food was more than worth the price tag.  If this menu isn’t for you WeFiFo has menus for a variety of different tastes and budgets.  I would 100% recommend Ronnie’s kitchen and he has a variety of different menus on offer including an upcoming poshed up junk food super club that he gave me a sneak peak of and trust me, it’s a menu you’ll be wanting to check out!

Would you go for a meal in someone’s house with WiFiFo?  
I was invited to review by Love Pop Ups London, all words and opinions my own.

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