Cooking Up Some Breaking Bad Cocktails at ABQ London

Imagine rocking up to a familiar but suspicious looking RV in a London carpark on a cold, dark night, what would you be expecting?  Well one look at this iconic RV and the fans amongst you will instantly recognise it from from the hugely popular tv show Breaking Bad.  If you dare enter you will be greeted not by a drug cartel, but by the opportunity to make some of the coolest themed cocktails in the city!  

Like most of the world I became addicted to this show a couple of years ago and was dropping quotes and having all-the-feels for Jessy’s redemption so given this opportunity to get inside the infamous RV and cook up some amazing breaking bad themed cocktails there was no way I was turning it down!

The inside of the RV is filled with Breaking Bad props and along with the pumping music it instantly puts you in the bad-ass mood of Walter White at the peek of his empire.  The staff here are all cheeky, friendly and very enthusiastic about the bar which really adds to the experience.  There is a list of weird and wonderful cocktails placed in front of you and for your admission price of £32.50 you can choose two cocktails as well as a welcome drink.

But this isn’t your average cocktail bar, hell no!  Here you can expect to use all of Walter’s finest ‘cooking’ techniques and equipment to create these cocktails yourself right at your table.  This is no half-assed attempt at cocktail making either, the equipment you will use is serious business and frankly a little intimidating at times (don’t worry, you are guided throughout and given a health and safety talk by the staff who are amazingly helpful).  Each drink on the menu tells you what equipment and effects you will use and create so you can pick drinks that not only taste great but also are the most fun to create.  All of this adds to the slightly anarchic atmosphere that spreads throughout the RV, expect some serious fun!

The welcome drink sets the atmosphere straight away, served in a beaker this mysterious liquid comes complete with the added addition of a syringe full of another mysterious liquid to be added at will.  I’ll be honest I have no idea what is in here but it tasted great!

After much deliberation I started off by choosing the Wendy Martini.  I usually go for vodka based sweet cocktails so this was in my comfort zone as it contained vodka, passoa, passion fruit and prosecco.  The real joy of course is in it’s creation, this is no ordinary mixed drink!  I was given full instructions on how to make this cocktail including the use of dry ice to infuse the alcohol with a vanilla smoke and a really cool bit of kit that allowed us to make white chocolate foam to add to the top.  This might all seem a bit gimmicky but the drinks all tasted amazing and really benefited from the extra levels of their creation, plus it was a ton of fun!  This drink was really delicious, the foam was particularly scrumptious and if you loved it as much as we did you can just keep making more!

For my second drink I waned to try something that involved a different element of science and so went for a drink I wouldn’t usually choose, the La Tortuga which contained Mezcal, Agave, lime and pineapple.  My hesitation was over the Mezcal which I’d never had before but I had heard was similar to tequila which I am not a fan of.  Thankfully I had made a great choice because it was my favourite drink of the night!  I infused the drink using Nitric Oxide with sage and jalapeños which gave it a real kick!  The drink was surprisingly sweet while the jalapeños made my lips actually tingle.

Given the chance I would have tried everything on the menu, there are so many creative concoctions to try and making them was almost as fun as drinking the end results.  The party atmosphere really adds to the fun and the staff are incredible at not only setting the scene but helping you throughout your journey.  For £32.50 you get two hours in the RV to create 2 cocktails and a welcome drink and honestly it is more then worth the price.  Even if you are not a fan of the show this is a really unique experience that’s well worth doing but if you are a fan then it is a must do!  I will be back to try more of the menu!

Book the cocktail experience through the ABQ website for either London or Manchester and check out their Instagam to check out some of the cool concoctions.  What’s the coolest cocktail experience you’ve seen?

I was invited to check out this experience by Love popups London, all words and opinions are my own

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