The Ultimate Travel Dress

Hey guys, it’s been a while!  Between starting a new job, moving flats and planning my 30th birthday California road trip which I just got back from (expect posts on this soon) my blog got a bit lost in the mix.  But I am back and going to kick off by sharing with you my must-have travel dress!

Looking through my Instagram at the pictures from the nine countries I visited last year you might notice something familiar in a lot of them, I am wearing the same dress!  Now while I do love my vintage style I’m really not too interested in fashion but even I have to admit that wearing the same dress trip after trip is a bit excessive,  The reason is simple, I have found the ULTIMATE travel dress.  Put your bank cards away people this is the only one you’ll need!

So why is it so great?  Well if I’m honest when I got it I wasn’t expecting to love it this much, I actually won this dress in a competition over on Georgina Grogan’s blog a couple of years ago and I wasn’t really sure what to expect as I’d not heard of the brand Karina before but over time it’s become my go to, here’s all the reasons why I adore this simple dress.

It doesn’t crease, ever!
As someone who basically never irons and therefore avoids wearing the clothes that need to be ironed, this is a godsend.  Being able to jump off a 12 hour flight wrinkle free is really something else!  I’ve almost always got this on when I’m on a flight.

It does the whole ‘freezing cold here, boiling hot over there’ thing perfectly
It’s so hard to know what to wear when traveling between places with vastly different temperatures right?  This dress works for them all!  Who has space for two outfits in their carry on between your passport, travel insurance to avoid medical negligence and your latest book – your bag is already full.  The breathable, stretchy material covers all eventualities.  It’s length means it keeps your legs warm here in the UK but is breezy enough to keep you comfortable when you step off into the heat.

It’s perfect for the plane
This follows on from the point above, but once your on the plane itself it really is perfect and that’s why I always wear it without fail every time.  The length is long enough to cover my feet if I choose to sit on them (as I often do) and it keeps my legs warm which is a god send with how unpredictable airplane temperatures are.  The material stretches with you no matter how strange your seating position and it doesn’t take up too much space like some of my vintage outfits.  

It’s comfortable no matter how much holiday over eating you’ve indulged in.
I’ve put on a fair bit of weight in the past year or so and this dress is alway still super comfortable.  Sometimes when packing for a holiday (especially to the US where the portions can be HUGE) I know I might have to split my clothes into what will fit me at the start of the trip and what will fit me at the end.  The light, stretchy material of this dress means it always fits me no matter how many instagramable treats I’ve helped myself to.

It washes well and dries quick

As well as traveling I wear this to work a lot as it’s just so comfortable so it’s been through the washing machine a lot and still looks as good as when I first got it.  Not only that it dries super fast so perfect for when your doing a hand-wash when traveling.

It’s flattering for all sizes

This style of wrap dress is known for how flattering it is on all body shapes.  Plus it has a waist tie if you want a tighter fit.

It can be dressed up or down

God I hate this phrase, it’s so over used but in this case it’s true.  I wear this to work a lot but it’s equally at home on a beach or in a fancy restaurant.  You don’t really have to make much of a change to your accessories if any to make this dress fit whichever occasion your travels throw at you!

What’s your travel must-wear?
*This post contains sponsored links, all words and opinions are my own

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