City Kayaking with Secret Adventures

Photo credit Milly of Mini Adventures

London is a city of surprises!  In my quirky London adventures post I mentioned some of the surprising experiences that this city has to offer and last week I got to try something out I never thought I’d experience.  Kayaking to the pub!

As far as transportation goes paddling in a kayak sure beats the tube, although maybe not for speed!  This experience (dreamt up through secret Adventures) takes you on a dual kayak ride from Limehouse Basin all the way to Crate Brewery in Hackney Wick in distinctive cow print kayaks!

Previous to this I have kayaked only once in my life and in a sea kayak in the lake district.  To be honest I thought I would hate it (I am not the fittest person in the world to say the least) but I totally fell in love so I couldn’t wait to jump back in and have a go.  

The team at Moo Canoes gave us a brief health and safety demonstration before we got into to our vessels and even stored our belongings to be picked up at the end (so there was no chance of my laptop going overboard!)  I was paired with the wonderful Milly and we climbed into our boat with surprising ease!
Soon we were sailing down the canal as if 30 city-slickers in cow print kayaks was the most natural thing in the world!  In typical London style no one on the sidelines gave this a second glance.  Despite my lack of upper body strength we managed to keep pace with everyone fairy easily (this might have been thanks to Milly’s input more then mine) and the atmosphere was relaxed so everyone could take it at their own pace and stop to take a picture or two and admire the view where necessary.  It is as gentle or strenuous a trip as you want to make it.

The course is perfect for newbies like me as you follow simply follow the canal around so you can’t go wrong and there are no tricky corners, plus the staff are sailing along side you to help you out if you have any problems.  There is also plenty of sights to see along the way, from the surprisingly active bird life, to the new and impressive olympic stadium, to the really beautifully decorated boats and street art along the whole route.
Then the real excitement comes when entering the lock!  I have so many memories from when I was a kid of watching locks work on Rosie and Jim (hows that for instantly ageing myself) and I was fascinated.  As nerdy as it is being inside a lock as it filled the water to rise up and take us up to the top was a real thrill, all be it a pretty genteel one!  
When you finally make it to the end point at Hackney Wick the staff are on hand to help you out, claim back your belongings and collect your life jacket.  Rather conveniently you end up right by the Crate Brewery which does some of the most interesting ales and delicious pizzas in the city.  Whilst this is not included in the price you’d be a fool to miss out on being here, after all you’d deserve it!

The experience is £45 per person and includes all equipment and takes around two hours in total.  Get your tickets from the Secret Adventures Site.

My ticket was free of charge in return for an honest review, all words and experiences are my own.  Part of the Love Pop Ups London network.

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