Club Swizzle at The Roundhouse

Leave your coat and your hang-ups at the door and come and join the Club!

Fresh from it’s recent stint in Australia Club Swizzle has bust onto the London scene this week with an energetic, camp and sexy show that is set to put a whole new twist on the cabaret scene.  In a city that has arguably seen enough burlesque and circus acts to last a last time, Club Swizzle has a genuinely new and fresh approach that makes it laugh out loud funny, endlessly entertaining and jaw droppingly surprising all at the same time.  It breaths new life into some vintage performance styles.  
Lead by the ever charismatic MC Reuben Kaye this show is a powerhouse of all that is right with cabaret.  A presence as soon as he enters the room Rueben Kaye sets the scene right from the start with his not-for-the-faint-hearted humour.  He is dripping as much with sass as he is with glitter as he delivers one of best compare personalities around.  From here on out the show moves seamlessly from daring feats, to sexy strip tease, to memorising dance numbers all performed with a contagious energy and just enough of the unexpected to keep the audience on the edge of their seats.

Trying to create the intimate feeling of a cabaret stage in a 2000 seat arts venue can’t be easy, but it is to the testament of every performer involved that they make this large venue feel as cosy as being in a small Soho stage as the audience is hooked on every performance.  
This camp, witty, genuinely surprising show is a must see this Summer so grab a drink and come on down to Club Swizzle for some pure unadulterated fun!  Catch it at The Roundhouse until the 26th of August, tickets start at just £10 from the Roundhouse website.
Tickets were given to me in return for review, all words and opinions are my own.  All photos by Levene.

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