Driving a Hot Tub Through the Thames with HotTug

Canary Wharf: when it comes to London it’s the serious part of the city.  It’s where all the big business gets done, it’s where all the high rise buildings are and it’s full of people in suits.  Now Canary Wharf has something it’s never seen before, it is the home to a floating, drivable hot tub!

Hot Tug is the rather suggestive name of the craziest venture ever to hit the Thames.  Imagine your average hot tub…if the hot tub was floating in the Thames, was heated with a wood burning stove and you could drive it through the city like a boat!  This crazy, hilarious and super fun attraction is what has hit the waters for the first time this month.

Hot Tub opened it’s first location in Islington with great success last year and now with it’s second location open it was time for me to check it out.  After changing into our swimming gear (a bit of a strange sensation among the business men and women leaving work in rush hour) it was time to head into the waters!  The hot tub was heated to perfection on the rather unseasonable chilly wet summer day, it felt amazingly cosy!
After a quick safety talk we were given a map (waterproof of course) which showed us exactly where we were allowed to steer our hot tub!  Once we were all on board setting off was easy and steering it couldn’t be simpler, making it fun for everyone taking part.  There is even a built-in ice cooler to keep your beverages cold for the journey as you travel through the city.  
I can honestly say I have never felt as popular as I did in our hot tub boat!  As we sailed by we had people waving, taking pictures and filming, I felt like a celeb!  

I think this unique experience would go down a storm for Hen do’s or birthday parties.  Each hot tub costs £225 for up to 7 people which works out at just £32 for a 90 minute sail which is a great price point for such a unique inner city adventure!

I can’t even tell you how much fun this was!  This is an experience I could never have dreamt up and I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so much in my life!  To book your own floating hot tub book it direct through the Hottug website and check out any of their two locations for some seriously nautical fun!

Is this the most unique London experience you’ve seen?  Let me know if you have anything that tops it!
*This experience was gifted to me by Love Pop Ups London in return for an open and honest review.

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