Chasing Dreams: Visiting Every Disney Park in the World by the end of 2018!

Sometimes you can plan your year out to a T, other times a crazy idea comes to you and you just have to go with it.  That is how I ended up planning to have visited every Disney Park in the world before the end of 2018!

You might be aware that I already had Disney related plans for my 30th; in May I celebrated my big 3-0 in the original Disneyland park in Anaheim, California. It was the only park Walt Disney himself actually lived to see.  I visited Disney’s California Adventure on the first day we arrived in California before spending my actual birthday in the “happiest place on earth” (I swear I will get some posts up about this soon!). I grew up watching Disney’s Sing Along Songs Disneyland Fun (anyone remember that?) and it was amazing seeing the original Disney rides for myself and the park that started it all, it was fulfilling a childhood dream.

So that’s two of the twelve parks worldwide down and I’ve already visited the four Walt Disney World Parks in Florida more times than I care to mention, the most recent being a year and a half ago (Check out my Disney World posts including Visiting Disney Parks Solo, Marceline to Magic Kingdom Backstage Tour, Old Key West Resort and Mickey’s Not so Scary Halloween Party). I’ve also been to Disneyland Paris twice, most recently two and a half years ago (find posts on Disneyland Paris’ Halloween celebrations here).

So that takes me up to eight parks and leaves the Asian parks; Tokyo Disneyland, Tokyo Disney Sea, Hong Kong Disneyland and the newest park, Shanghai Disneyland.  My original travel plan for the latter half of this year was to visit Asia for the first time, more specifically Japan. I’ve been wanting to visit Tokyo for some time so our rough plan was to spend time in Tokyo including the two Disney parks before travelling around some of the rest of Japan.  Then my sister came up with a crazy idea, what if instead of this we tried to visit all the Disney Parks we hadn’t been to yet to celebrate my milestone age!

Now I know but seems crazy to come to travel to Japan and not see all it has to offer, but I know I will visit Japan again to explore the country but I can’t see me being so definite about having the desire to visit Hong Kong or Shanghai to spend time at a Disney Park.  Of course, we won’t be doing just Disney and will be seeing as much of the cities as we can in the days we have, so here’s our slightly crazy plan as it currently stands:

  • Fly to Shanghai from London Via Seoul
  • Spend two days exploring Shanghai and one day visiting Shanghai Disneyland
  • Fly to Hong Kong
  • Spend two days exploring Hong Kong and one day visiting Hong Kong Disneyland
  • Fly to Tokyo
  • Spend 4 days exploring Tokyo, one day visiting Tokyo Disney Sea and one day visiting Tokyo Disneyland
  • Fly back to London

It is fifteen days in total and with the flights being so long It’s going to be a killer!  I’m sure I’ll be exhausted but I can’t wait! We managed to get all the flights and accommodation for around £1500 each which given how expensive flights can be as well as Hong Kong and Tokyo being some of the most expensive cities in the world I think is a steal!  Let me know if you want a post on how we achieved this and I’ll show you where we are staying. If only I could fit Disneyworld and Disneyland Paris in this year too so I could do them all in a year…

If you have any tips, suggestions or blog posts on Tokyo, Shanghai, Hong Kong or any of the respective Disney Parks I’d love to see them I’ve got some research to do!  


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