Finding out Which Brands Go by a Different Name

From all the different brands we see and come across every day, we become familiarised and under the wing by them. We either use them, hear about them, see them, whether it’s advertised, online or in shops. But do we know, that the fact some brands lead with other names, in different countries?
After reading through the research by Data label, who have looked into these brands that contain different names abroad and with some of them having alterations in their logos. I was surprised that these well-known brands share different names and some of them with slight changes to their designs.
There can be many reasons for brands to obtain different names and maybe some slight changes to its logo. The language barrier can sometimes come into effect, causing some brands not to be clear for people.
I know from translation issues, that the old Chevrolet Nova, the word, ‘no va’, in Spanish means ‘doesn’t go’. So, this might have sounded like a good idea in English, but the translation to Spanish isn’t a good motive, especially for a brand-new car!
Below you can see these well-known brands that are leading by other names elsewhere in different countries.
  1. Walkers crisps we know them by in the UK. However, named Lays worldwide – Smiths in Australia – & Chipsy in Brazil.
  2. Coco pops (worldwide) – Cocoa Krispies (USA) – Choco pops (France) – Choco Krispis (South America) – Choco Krispies (Europe)
  3. Wall’s ice cream as we all know here in the UK, goes by 27 different names! In 27 different countries!
  1. Burger King is known worldwide by the famous burger logo and name. However, in Australia, it’s led by ‘Hungry Jack’s’ and has a slight tweak in the logo.

  1. Milky way which is known worldwide, is named differently in the states, going by ‘3 Musketeers’ and completely different logo.

  1. Galaxy chocolate bar, as we know in the UK goes by a similar logo and named ‘Dove’ worldwide.

  1. Rice Krispies is known for its name worldwide, but in Australia and New Zealand, it goes by Rice Bubbles.

  1. Mikado is known in Europe but referred to as ‘Pocky’ worldwide.

  1. KFC famously is known worldwide but named PFK in Canada. Thankfully this isn’t too much of a change, and the logo design is pretty much still on point. PFK stands for Poulet Frit Kentucky, known in Canada’s French-speaking Quebec region, due to local laws dictating that the restaurant takes the initials of the French name, Poulet Frit Kentucky.
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