How to Find Your Perfect Side Hustle

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People say a lot of bad things about us millennials; we can’t afford to buy a house, we spend too much time on our phones and we are killing pretty much every industry going if you believe the headlines.  But there is one benefit to living in this post-screwed-up-economy, we are the kings and queens of the side hustle!

Think about it, how many people do you know who make money outside of their main job?  These days it seems to be everyone. With our wages not covering our apparent avo-toast habit you see many people creating some fantastic and innovative ways to make money and exercise their creativity in a way is restricted in their day job.  For me my outlet is right here on my little corner of the internet but if you are feeling frustrated and need a way to find some extra cash, here are some amazing ideas:

Become a social media sensation

We are living in the era of social media. So weather you are a wiz with instagram, a Pinterest perfectionist or a twitter wordsmith there are ways of making money anywhere.  A quick search online and you can find plenty of PR companies looking to work with influences of all sizes, focus on what makes yours unique and grow your audience. If you don’t want to do it with our own audience but you think you know your way around the web on a more professional level why not manage social media for a local business.  

Get writing!

If there’s something you know a lot about why not look into self publishing an ebook? Working in publishing this is something I know a thing or two about!  Ebooks have been my day work-wise for a few years and whilst working for a publisher has it’s benefits there is no reason you can’t skip the publisher release a book yourself.  Whether it’s fiction, a self help guide or your autobiography simply get it written, add it to Amazon and you are away!

if you want something more instant look towards your already existing assets. Chances are If you are reading this there is  large chance you are a blogger and there are so many ways to monetise this outlet. Writing and finding your passion will bring the brands to you but there are also a ton of different sites set up by companies looking to work with bloggers in a variety of ways as well as well as opportunities all over social media.

If you want something to top this income up then any major job website will have jobs for freelance writers, often looking for copy which being a blogger you will likely have experience in without even realising it!  Casting your net out there can find some really great opportunities and a chance to make writing your full time role.  

Become your own store

Is there something you can make with your own hands?  Whether it’s jewellery, furniture, toys or just about anything you can think of then Etsy is the perfect place like you. If you are not good at crafting but have an eye for a bargain Etsy can also be a great place to set up shop selling vintage items such as clothes or homeware items, perfect for those like me who love hunting around charity shops and car boot sales.  Etsy is user friendly, easy to set up and familiar to customers so it’s a great place for those who aren’t great with tech.

If you have some ambitious ideas to make your own clothing company but can’t sew a thing there are some great options still available to you. Some of my favourite items of clothing are from independent companies who have a great design and are able to share it with the world. It used to be that only big companies could do this, but now it’s easier than ever.  One company who can help make your dreams in reality is Sewport, a UK based FashionTech Marketplace that connects people and brands with manufacturers. Sewport helps guide it’s customers through the process of sourcing and manufacturing their ideas to make their fashion creations a reality without having to create a single stitch!  It gives you all the connections you need to the clothing factories to get started, even with little to no experience. Currently their focus is on fashion but soon they will be rolling out plans to work on accessories, furniture, cosmetics and more so they will be ready to support your business ideas.

Make the most out of your assets
When your looking for a way to make money it’s a good idea to look at what assets are already available to you. I am one of those rare breeds that moved to a city and didn’t instantly get rid of my car. Truth is I don’t really need it that often here though and it can be pretty costly. Make your car work for you by becoming an Uber driver or by doing deliveries for Amazon or Deliveroo. The best thing about these companies is that they fit around your schedule, just pick up the shifts when you have a few spare hours and don’t worry about it when you don’t. If you don’t want to do the driving there are plenty of companies that can rent your car out for you, so you can literally make money by doing nothing!

If you’ve got even basic skills in anything Fiver and Taskrabbit are great options. Both started off with pretty narrow uses but now they can both be used for pretty much anything!  Whatever it is that you think you can offer someone, just add your services to the site and wait for the acceptances to role in, whether you can do some graphic design for someone’s website or just help someone put up a shelf.

If you are confident in the english language you could also look at tutoring online. So many people I know have done this and loved it!  A quick hunt online will find you tons of websites looking for people to teach english as a foreign english, and as it is done through Skype you don’t even have to leave your house!

Make a business with your camera

Weather you are a photography wizz or not there are ways you can use your camera to make money beyond the obvious way of actually becoming a photographer. If you have a decent camera you can hire it out or add your photos to Shutterstock to sell as stock images.

Use Airbnb to rent out your spare room or even to create a tour!

If you have a spare room adding it to Airbnb can be a great way to make some extra cash with minimal effort, plus you get to meet new people from around the world!  (Don’t forget to use my code to get £25 free credit)

If you know an area particularly well or even a person, becoming a tour guide means you get to work for yourself with something you love, and now you can get people to join your tour via Airbnb!  It’s something I have seriously looked into myself, so never know you might have to watch this space!

Join Dogbuddy and get paid to walk doggos

As the name suggests Dogbuddy is a service where you get paid to walk or dogsit natures most wonderful creations living in your area, and you get to hand pick which dogs you choose.  Talk about living the dream!

These are just a few ideas I’ve had when looking at ways of making more dough and having fun while doing it, if you have any ideas drop them down below and let us know!

*This post contains sponsored links, all words and opinions are my own.

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