How We Can All #BeMoreMatilda

Let’s face it, when we were growing up positive female role models were not in abundance.  Unless we wanted to look like Barbie and be rescued like Cinderella then we were a little lost.  However, there was one book, famously made into an amazing family film and now an awesome West End Musical that taught us that girls could persevere even in the worst circumstances. That person was, of course, was Matilda!  Matilda tells the story of a young girl brought up in awful circumstances with an abusive home and school life and yet she rises above it all; with her intelligence, kindness and with a little magic along the way she comes out on top.  After watching this inspiring story being told in an amazingly uplifting and energetic way on the West End this week here are a few things I think we can all learn from this magical kid:

Confidence is Key
One aspect of Matilda’s personality that I seriously wish I had for myself was her utter confidence in the face of any challenge!  Despite her hardships she rarely hesitates when she knows she is in the right, and it is this that propels her forward!

Teach and be Taught
Was there ever a better role model for the ‘never stop learning’ mantra then this girl?  She puts even her teachers to shame with her knowledge and her hunger learning knows no bounds!  But it’s not just her intelligence, she is also always willing to help teach her friends when they need it. She is proof that you should never play dumb to appease others!

Read More
On a similar note to learning Matilda is my inspiration when it comes to reading.  I love a good book but my ability to focus on reading comes and goes. Matilda meanwhile devours the books from her library in such a way you’d think they were made of gold!  If like me you sometimes struggle to dive back into reading check out my tips on how to read more.
Brains not Brawn
Given how overpowered she is physically by many of those around her it would be easy for Matilda to give in to her frustration and lash out at her many bullies.  However, she always resists and uses her mind, with frustration and anger comes out instead in magical ways!

Sometimes You Have to be a Little Bit Naughty
“Good girls never make history” so the often misunderstood quote goes, and Matilda walks the balance between being naughty just enough to prove a point to those who deserve it, to get her friends revenge or to rebalance the world between good and bad.  Miss Hunny is nice but this often her downfall, Matilda shows her that you can’t allow yourself to be walked on, let your naughty side out!

Overcome your Circumstances
From family, to teachers, to fellow classmates; aside from a few friends Matilda doesn’t really have many positive role models in her life.  She would have every reason in the world to lash out, give up and become downtrodden in the way those people want. However once again she rises above it with a sense of maturity way beyond her years.  Matilda is a true underdog and audiances love to see her come out on top and have strength in the face of so much adversary.
Believe in True Friendships
Despite having so many toxic people in her life she does have a few true friendships, and Matilda is seen treasuring these among all things, never trying to gain popularity. When it comes to friendships it is quality, not quantity that is important and remembering to always surround yourself with people who make a positive influence on your life.

It is ok to be Different. In Fact, it’s Awesome!
Matilda’s intelligence, politeness and (let’s not forget) supernatural powers make her an easy target for bullies as her differences really make her stand out.  However not letting others opinions on what makes her unique affect her is one of the true joys of watching her thrive.

If you want to be inspired by this tiny powerhouse check out Matilda the musical, which is currently booking until October 2019, tickets start from £20.
This post was written in return for tickets to see Matilda the Musical, all words and opinions are my own.  

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