Would you try a Selfie Facial?

Here’s a thing I never even considered until recently, what are our phones doing to our skin?  While this might initially sound a bit out there we have to really concider how the light coming from our phones may be effecting us.  We are all told to wear SPF every day to avoid the aging and health issues that come from the sun, yet we all have our phones only inches away from our face for much of the day.  I don’t know about you but I have to admit I look at my phone as soon as I wake up in the morning and I often sleep with it under my pillow at night. Until recently I hadn’t even thought if this could be contributing to aging my skin but while the science around this is still quite new it is looking likely that this is the case.  To help combat this potential new hasard Neo Elegance have created a facial like no other, the aptly named Selfie Facial which uses technology to help combat the aging effect of light from out phone screens.

Selfie Facial might seem like a frivolous name but the science behind it is real.  Your phone gives off what is known as High Energy Visible Light (or HEV for short) which can cause you to age prematurely, cause hyperpigmentation and skin damage.  This light is given off by our phones, tablets, tvs, laptops and basically all the things we sit in front of all day! This facial uses LED light to penetrate the skin and stimulate  fibroblast cells to regenerate collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid.  Knowing this I had to go and check it out as since hitting my 30’s my skin has definitely taken a hit!

My experience started out with a relaxing double cleansing before an enzyme was applied to help promote the evening out of pigmentation, provention of breakouts, irregular texture and aging.  So far this was relaxing but nothing too different from what you might expect from a regular facial, but here’s where the tech steps in. The Lumino, a halo shaped devise full of LED lights, is placed over the skin on it’s red setting and left to treat the skin for 10-20 minutes.  During this process I could feel no heat or excess noise from the device so it felt very relaxing. After this a Lumilace sheet mask is applied for hydration with excess serum from the mask being applied to the chin and decolletage area. Here the second bit of tech is introduced as the lumipro is ran over the skin which uses a light amount of electricity to stimulate the muscles of the face to help infuse the ingredients from the mask deep into the skin and help to strengthen and lift the facial muscles.  While this might sound scary I could actually only feel a slight tingle that was actually quite refreshing and definitely in no way painful. Finally the relevant serums for my skin type were added to my skin to finish off the routine.

This is a relatively speedy process and all takes place in just 30-40 minutes so great for the busy lifestyles we are all living!  As this works within the deep layers of the skin I could see no obvious instant effect to the facial as you can with some others (other then feeling much more hydrated from the mask) but similarly there was no redness like there are with other facials.

The Selfie Facial costs £65 and can be booked directly through the  Neo Elegance website.
I was invited to review this process free of charge in return for a review, all words and opinions are my own

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