Day Trips from London: 8 Hours in Bath

Bath is the kind of place I think tourists must imagine when they think of England.  With its cobbled streets, historic architecture, winding alleyways and it’s surrounded green fields, Bath seems to have everything that is quintessentially English in one city!  If you are looking for a place to escape the craziness of London but still has the full scope of English life, Bath might be the best place for you to visit.

Bath is just 2 and a half hour drive or 1 and a half hour trade ride from London and is most well known for its Roman Baths.  Dating back to around 70AD these historic baths can still be visited today and just around the corner you can still relax on the rooftop thermal bathhouse if you can brave the British weather!
I visited here on a recent trip and while I only had a few hours to take it in had time to see all the famous sites.   One such famous address being The Circus, a row of Georgian houses famous for its amazing architecture, just around the corner you will find the stunning Royal Crescent an amazing bay of historic houses that looks out over the amazing greenery of the city.  From here there are miles of beautiful parks to explore!
One thing Bath has plenty of is great food, we only had a short trip here but we had an amazing pizza at The Oven which was really delicious and cooked perfectly in the stone oven, as well as a fantastic pie from The Raven, a very cute traditional pub which provided a perfect end of the day location for a beer or two.
One thing Bath has in abundance is amazing shops.  As well as your usual high street shops Bath has plenty of independent shops covering everything from Children’s items, to clothing, to chocolate and more, it’s a great place to get a truly unique gift.
When London gets too much Bath is a great place to visit that has much of the history and charm without the huge footfall and distance to cover.  Given our limited time, we saw a lot but there is so much I’d love to go back and explore further, I’d love to actually visit the Roman Baths, the Abbey, the cathedral and the Jane Austen Centre, all of which we saw but didn’t have the chance to spend any time visiting.  The Fashion Museum also has some amazing exhibitions and there are so many other museums around that I’d love to explore. Have you ever visited Bath? What are your must do?

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