Gingerline’s The Grand Expedition; Immersive Dining

Tickets were provided by Love Pop Ups London in return for review

Cast of Gingerline's The Grand Exhibition

A Ginerline show always involves food, performance and an air of mystique.  Aside from that?  Well, it’s hard to say!  The mystery that surrounds Gingerline’s performances come because they are strict about what you can and can’t post online, there’s not much you can give away there are no pictures allowed.  You will often hear people who’ve been saying things like “I can’t tell you what happens but it’s magical” or simply ‘you just have to go and experience it’.  I was recently invited to attend my first ever Gingerline show ‘The Grand Expedition and honestly, it blew me away.  So without giving too much away, here’s some of what you can expect on your own grand expedition:


Gingerline isn’t like any other dinner show I’ve ever been to, you are truly immersed in the performance throughout the whole thing.  This isn’t just watching a show while you eat, the food is part of the performance and you are completely immersed throughout.  It combines movement, dance, physical theatre, art and poetry for a truly unbelievable show that engages all the senses. Each part of the show is completely seamless and really allows the audience to be fully absorbed in every part of it as you take off on your grand expedition.

The Grand Exhibition set of hot air balloons and clouds

A Multimedia Extravaganza

You will be completely surrounded by multimedia that is made up of beautiful animation and artwork that really sets the scene for wherever you are heading to next.  It really overcomes the senses at times.

Secret location

You won’t be told where you have to be to start your journey until a few hours before the show is due to start (although they will give you a rough idea so you can plan your travel).  Let’s just say that judging from the outside of the building you arrive at you certainly can’t tell what you are getting into!


This whimsical, magical show takes you on a fantastical adventure around the world from your very seat using AV, performers, food and much more!  You never know what to expect or where you will be going next!

Food from the Grand Exhibition Show

Five delicious courses from around the world

…and beyond!  This is the hardest bit to talk about without giving anything away, but expect to be taken on a culinary journey that is full of the unexpected.  I took myself out of my comfort zone trying foods I would never usually order and I can honestly say I enjoyed every bite.  If you do have a food allergy this will be taken into account and I saw people with various food allergies at my table all being catered for very well.  We upgraded to the cocktails course and like the food every drink was something new that complemented the food perfectly.

Tickets to Gingerline’s The Grand Expedition start from £60 and can be booked directly from the Gingerline website.  

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Tickets were provided by Love Pop Ups London in return for review

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