Time for a change: My hair throughout the years

This blog post could also be titled ‘why my hair is fried’.  As soon as I hit my teens I was desperate to dye my hair, my mum told me I couldn’t until I was 16, but at 15 she finally relented and it all got crazy from there.  Why am I talking about this now?  Well my once beautiful pink locks have faded to a horrible yellow/blonde and with having a sort of serious job now I wanted something a bit more practical, but still fun.  What is that going to be?  Well you’ll just have to wait till next week, as until I see my hairdresser I’m not 100% sure myself.  I also hoping to try and grow out the bleached parts of my hair, but with my natural hair colour being so dark I don’t know if this is going to be possible to get the colour I want.  How did my hair end up being so damaged?  Well let’s take a look at some of my past hair colours and see.  Let the ritual humiliation commence!

 1. my natural hair colour, very dark brown, 2. my first experiment with hair dye, blonde and coper streaks (because thats what all the ‘cool’ kids had), 3. dark brown with blonde and red streaks underneath, actually inspired by Fern Cotton, 4.brown with blonde fringe

 1. Starting college brown hair with blonde and red streaks, 2. more blonde and red streaks in different places, 3. brown and red with a ridiculous fringe, 4. purple/red with black fringe and black streaks under my hair

 1. brown with blue and green areas, 2. purple and red with black areas, 3. the worst haircut I ever had when I started uni, dark brown with green, purple, blue, blonde and red patches, 4. dark purple with bright purple highlights

 1. dark purple and brown, 2. red and dark purple/black, 3, purple and red, 4. bright red with dark brown areas

 1.pink with black underneath, 2.bright red, 3.blonde with red underneath, 4 red that fades to black

 1. my 21st purple with pink underneath, 2. red and blonde, 3. purple and pink, 4. red and brown

 1. bright blue and purple, 2. dark purple, 3. purple, 4.red and pink

1. bright blue with pink fringe, 2. bright purple, 3. blonde, 4.blonde with pink under fringe

1. blonde with turquoise under fringe, 2, blonde with purple tips, 3. cotton candy pink, 4. my current hair, washed out pinky/blonde

So there you are, now you can see why my ends are in trouble!  I am going to do a hair care post soon to show how I keep my hair in relatively good condition, because considering how often I used to bleach it, it should be far worse!  This isn’t even close to all the hair colours I’ve had but I spent most of my teenagers avoiding cameras and I’ve also lost a lot of photos from back in my myspace days. What’s the most ridiculous hair colour/style you’ve had?  Would you like me to do anymore posts on hair? let me know
Kariss xxx

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