Moving in Together After a Long Distance Relationship

As you are possibly aware if you read my Fun Date Ideas for Long Distance Relationships, I’ve been in a long distance relationship for several years.  I’ve moved a few times while we’ve been together and we ended up getting further and further away from each other.  That is until this May, when things finally lined up and we moved into a flat of our own in London.

The biggest difference, is that there isn’t one.  For a while afterwards people kept asking if we still got on, were there any problems etc?  Personally I had expected to feel some big, important change, the truth is there wasn’t one.  We still got on the same as before and there was no big shift or dramatic realisation about each other like you get in a romcom.  

I thought the hardest thing for me was having to fully share things for the first time.  I’ve never shared a bed on a permanent basis for instance.  Sure I’d had people stay over, for weeks at a time even, but it was still my bed, not ours.  Now someone else was going to have as much say in everything in the flat as me.

And to be honest, I think I’ve dealt with it all pretty well!  Compromise is something that is important for all relationships as well as knowing what triggers each other.  Mine is cooking, I hate it, on the whole I need to be left alone when I cook so I don’t get snappy!  I told Harry that my teddies had to say on the bed as they’d been around then he had and he’s fine with it as long as they are on my side as they do take up a lot of the bed….

It’s important to make sure you don’t start off your new life on  a bad foot by arguing on moving day, something that can be easily done as it is supposed to be one of the most stressful experiences of your life!  Planning is essential, get some boxes ahead from Davpack (use code Student10 for a discount), make a checklist to ensure sure you don’t leave anything behind, and make sure you communicate with each other so you don’t end with two of one thing and nothing of another!

Honestly, I love our little flat and buying things we both love to fill it!  I actually got excited about buying a bin the other day, that’s how ridiculous it is.  Long distance is hard, but it  worked for us, and it was more than worth it in the end!

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